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May 23, 2003 - Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - Special Broadcast
"Completing the Circle" at Jordan Lodge

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Many faithful readers will no doubt remember the exemplary work of the Jordan Lodge Masonic Angel Fund in Peabody, Massachusetts. Not only does Jordan Lodge operate one of the most successful MAF's in the network, they operate many other successful community service programs in their community. Great needs exist in Peabody. Jordan Lodge's work on behalf of children and families in Peabody has brought great honor to the Fraternity and has made the word "Masons" synonymous with "children" in that locale.

Most particularly, Jordan Lodge has over and over demonstrated that they have for formula for converting "community service" into "membership".

Last evening we received a letter from Jerry Jordan of the Jordan Lodge MAF. His words are eloquent so we present them below without further comment.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

"Letter from R.W. Gerald Jordan/Jordan Lodge MAF"

For the last three months, Jordan Lodge A.F. & A.M, in Peabody, MA has had very interesting meetings. 

Going back to five months ago, we had a request from someone to take out an application for the degrees in Masonry. This individual wanted to become a Mason because his daughter was being treated at the Shriner’s Burns Hospital in Boston and he couldn’t get over the kind of care that she was receiving at no cost to him. 
He asked one of the volunteers at the hospital how one would become a member of the Masons, because he wanted to belong to this organization that cares so much for the welfare of children.

He was directed to Jordan Lodge, as that was the Lodge in his area and the Mother Lodge of the volunteer that he spoke with.

At the same time Jordan Lodge had a request from Father Jerry, an Apostolic Catholic Priest to join the Lodge.

This Priest comes to the Haven from Hunger, a Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen at Jordan Lodge once a month to serve the supper program with some of the members of his Church.

He had asked what went on in the upstairs as they were serving supper one night and asked if he could see the upstairs. He and his members were brought up to the Lodge room and given a short explanation of what we do in the community as a charity. He was somewhat informed about the Masonic Angel Fund, and what we had been doing with the schools in the community and thought that he would like to become a member of this "great organization".

Father Jerry and two other candidates submitted their applications and they were elected to receive the Degrees.

All three candidates took their First Degree in March, the Second Degree was to be in April for all three, but Father Jerry was laid up with pneumonia and unable to attend.

Arrangements were made for Father Jerry to receive his Second Degree as a courtesy candidate so that he could stay with the rest of the class and receive the Third Degree in May.

On May 21st Father Jerry and the other members of the class did receive their Master Mason Degree, with Father Jerry being raised in the long form.

At the end of the evening, Father Jerry stated that he was very impressed with the degree and said that it displays a great lesson and that he is very proud to be a member of the Masonic Fraternity.