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May 20, 2003 - Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. Special Bulletin
USO New England/Sgt. Turner Oliver

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

This morning the Foundation was contacted by USO New England board member Robert Shaughnessey and USO Executive Director Alice Harkins regarding a very urgent situation.

Ms. Harkins' letter appears below, so I won't repeat everything she said. 

About two hours ago, USO of New England received a request, via Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy's office, to assist the family of Sgt. Venesa Turner Oliver with transportation expenses to travel to Germany. We were notified that her medical condition is extremely grave and that no other agencies were able to help the family at this time. Sgt. Venesa Turner Oliver of Roxbury, Massachusetts, was with the United States Army 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment. (Storm Riders). Sgt. Turner Oliver is a single mother of a 15-year old high school student from Roxbury, Massachusetts. 
The Senators' offices made several inquiries over the course of two days to find assistance, but to no avail. USO of New England contacted the Masonic Angel Fund of the Masons of Massachusetts, and within 1 hour, and the necessary funding was made available by the Lodge of St. Andrew to underwrite this emergency request. 

Bob, I will follow-up with more information on her condition, as it becomes available. 

Alice Harkins 
Executive Director 

The Masonic Angel Foundation provided the $1,200 necessary to provide 100% of the funding for tickets and other necessary fees for this emergency travel arrangement. This emergency funding was made possible by the "St. Andrew Fund" created in 2001 and replenished in 2002 with a charitable grant from The Lodge of St. Andrew. 

The volunteer staff and patrons of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. are proud to assist this military family at such a difficult time in their lives.

Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.