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Masonic Angel Special Broadcast - April 22, 2003
Creative Fundraising at Siloam Lodge

Dear friend of MAF:

This morning we received a matching grant application from the Siloam Lodge Masonic Angel Fund in Westborough, Massachusetts. Along with the application, Bro. Charles E. MacKenzie, Sr. (Lodge Treasurer) provided a short narrative of his MAF's recent fundraising activities.

At a time when every charity is challenged to raise new sources of revenue, Siloam Lodge has done a terrific job in exploring new funding opportunities for their very active Masonic Angel Fund program.

Below are some excerpts from Bro. MacKenzie's report:

The latest donation was from the Westborough Bank which held a "dress down day" for their employees. In return for a donation to the Siloam Masonic Angel Fund, employees were allowed to were casual attire for a day. This was augmented by containers encouraging public donations. The attached photo shows (from l to r), Bro. Kenneth E. Young, Secretary of Siloam Lodge, Wor. Leonard E. Anderson, Master of Siloam Lodge being presented a check for $461.00 by Beth Hayden, Asst. Vice President/Marketing Coordinator for Westborough Bank. 

Before Len and Ken left the presentation, they took the opportunity to make the bank aware of the upcoming Saengerfest Men's Chorus performance at the Westborough High School on May 31, 2003. This concert is being sponsored by Siloam Lodge to benefit it's Masonic Angel Fund. The bank purchased a $150.00 ad in the program booklet and bought 10 tickets to the concert at $20.00 each! This made a total one-stop donation of $811.00 from one business.

There are a three things to note in this report.

1. Siloam has enlisted the support of a local bank through its employees' interest in the work of the Masonic Angel Fund. This is a good example of completing the "circle of community" that we discuss so often in these broadcasts.

2. The officers of Siloam Lodge know how to seize an opportunity. This is evidenced by their arrival at the bank to pick up a check for $461 and leaving the bank with $811. No, they did not rob the bank but they sure did a great job of thinking on their feet!

3. Siloam is running a cultural event to benefit their local Masonic Angel Fund. Certainly, other MAF's have done similar events. However, Siloam went the extra mile and published an "ad booklet". R.W. Carmen Borgia of Siloam Lodge told me last week that the ad book revenues would cover all the costs of the event - so ticket sales are 100% profit. This is a good example of creative planning. 

We salute Siloam Lodge's volunteers for their continued excellent work with the Masonic Angel Fund. Siloam Lodge is yet another fine example of "Masons making a difference."

Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.