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Masonic Angel Special Broadcast - April 21, 2003
Lodges Entitled to Royal Arch Matching Grants

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

This week the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. was notified by Charles A. O'Wril, Jr., the Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts, that the Grand Chapter has provided twenty (20) "Royal Arch Matching Grants" of $100 each to Massachusetts Masonic Angel Funds. 

Below is a list of Masonic Angel Funds that are eligible to apply for this year's Royal Arch Matching Grants. The first twenty of this group to qualify will receive the grants.

#3 King Hiram's Lodge , Provincetown, MA 09/11/2000
#4 Siloam Lodge , Westborough, MA 10/9/2000
#5 Winslow Lewis/Adams Lodge, Wellfleet, MA 10/10/2000
#6 St. Martin's Lodge , Chatham, MA 10/16/2000
#7 Nauset Light Lodge , Orleans, MA 10/21/2000
#8 Fraternity and Fuller Lodge , Newtonville, MA 10/19/2000
#9 Howard Lodge , Yarmouth, MA 11/9/2000
#10 Marine Lodge , Falmouth, MA 12/4/2000
#11 DeWitt Clinton Lodge , Sandwich, MA 12/5/2000
#12 William Parkman Lodge , Winchester, MA 1/30/2001
#13 Cawnacome Sunshine Lodge , Bourne, MA 1/20/2001 
#14 Fraternal Lodge , Centerville, MA 2/12/2001 
#15 Wellesley Lodge , Wellesley, MA 3/6/2001
#16 Charles C. Dame Lodge, Georgetown, MA 3/20/2001
#17 Mariner's Lodge, Cotuit, MA 3/21/2001 
#18 Pythagorean Lodge, Marion, MA 3/13/2001 
#19 Union Lodge, Nantucket, MA 4/2/2001
#22 Jordan Lodge, Peabody, MA 4/18/01
#24 Rufus Putnam Lodge, Rutland, MA 5/7/2001
#25 Social Harmony Lodge, Wareham, MA 5/11/2001
#51 Ashler Lodge, Rockport, MA, 10/07/2002
#52 Shawmut Lodge, Newton, MA, 10/23/2002
#53 Russell Lodge, Arlington, MA, 11/14/2002
#54 The Tyrian Lodge, Gloucester, MA, 12/3/2002

How to Apply

If your Masonic Angel Fund is on the list above and you have received at least $100 in donations this year, please send an email to - we will pass this information along to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter and your area's District Deputy Grand High Priest will arrange to visit your Lodge to make a formal presentation.

The deadline to apply for this series of grants is June 30, 2003. After that date we will cycle the funds to the next block of eligible and qualified Masonic Angel Funds.

Grand Chapter has set forth that Masonic Angel Funds which received the grants last year are not eligible to apply for this year's round of grants. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Foundation's volunteer staff.

Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.