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Masonic Angel Special Broadcast - March 22, 2003
Planned Giving Materials, Military Assistance, Recent Benevolences

Materials to Support Planned Giving

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation now offers materials on "planned giving" for those who wish to make tax-advantaged contributions to support the Masonic Angel Fund program. 

A four color planned giving brochure is available in both Word and Adobe Acrobat format in our "downloads" section. 
A detailed description of various tax-advantaged gifting programs is available in the "Planned Giving" section of the site, available on the left-hand menu.
These materials may be used by constituent Masonic Angel Funds that are seeking major donations from local patrons. Tax-advantaged gifts must pass through the Foundation. Naturally if your benefactor makes a donation to benefit your local MAF, the funds will be transmitted to you in accordance with the donor's wishes.

Should you have an individual or corporation that wishes to make a tax-advantaged donation, please involve us in the process. Our team of volunteer lawyers and accountants will work with the donor's representatives and review all documents as they come forward.

St. Andrew Fund Helps Marine

Yesterday the Foundation received a call from the military family services office regarding a Marine in distress. This Marine is currently deployed and just learned that his twelve-week-old baby must have surgery to correct a fused skull. He was able to obtain a compassionate leave so he could be with his children at this difficult time. The military could get him as far as Philadelphia but he needed plane fare back to Boston.

We called Alice Harkins, Executive Director of the USO New England Council. Alice is very creative in finding ways to help our military families. She was able to negotiate a SIXTY PERCENT DISCOUNT on a ticket. The Foundation issued a check from the St. Andrew Fund to cover this necessary expense.

As information is forthcoming about the surgery's outcome it will be posted in a future broadcast.

The Masonic Angel Foundation commends the USO and Alice Harkins for their continued excellent work in support of military families in need. Thanks to The Lodge of St. Andrew, we are fortunate to have the funds available to help our servicemen's and servicewomen's children in communities where there is not yet a Masonic Angel Fund.

Recent Benevolences

Star-Athol Lodge MAF (Athol, MA) provided street hockey fees and equipment to two local boys. One boy's family was in financial distress and were not able to continue his hockey program. The other boy lost his equipment in a fire at the family home. Special recognition goes to John Gauvin of the local youth hockey program's Board for his extraordinary efforts on behalf of these children. Has anybody got an application for him?

Universal Lodge MAF (Orleans, MA) provided funds to continue the rental of a musical instrument for a youngster at the Stony Brook School in Brewster.

Fraternity and Fuller MAF (Newton, MA) funded the purchase of several items of clothing for two children in particularly dire need.

Mount Horeb Lodge MAF (Dennis, MA) was "on the spot" for an apartment building fire in Dennisport that left 58 families out in the street. There are a few cases where insurance or other services were not available and Mount Horeb was there to help. Jim St. Pierre was talking to the school practically while the building was still burning. Mount Horeb also helped by funding the purchase of shoes and clothing for a youngster living with her financially-strapped grandmother.

Charles C. Dame Lodge MAF (Georgetown, MA) has given approximately $800 to local children in need over recent months. These included funds for clothing, assistance with counseling fees, afterschool tuition, school supplies and food.

Editors Note: Has anybody noticed how many children are being raised by their grandparents? Here in Orleans we have seen situations time and again where the parents take off and leave the kids with grandpa and grandma. We had one situtation two years ago where the grandparents were both in their 80's and had a seven year old and a five year old in the house. Our MAF helped by putting the kids in summer recreation programs as a respite for the ailing grandfather. Given our demographic as Masons, certainly many of our Brethren can empathize with these situations.

As always, please share your stories so we can pass them along to everyone else in the MAF "community".

Bob Fellows
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.