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Special Broadcast of March 3, 2003
"Coins of Hope" (Hope Lodge/Gardner, MA) 

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

This morning we received the message below from Bro. Kevin Macomber of the Hope Lodge Masonic Angel Fund in Gardner, MA. Hope Lodge is one of the constituent MAF's that really latched onto the coin canister program that was first conceived in 2001 by a team of the Masonic Leadership Institute.

Bro. Kevin's words speak for themselves.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, inc.


Dear Bob 

This past Saturday evening, I went to one of my local merchants to collect the change from one of our coin canisters. While discussing our progress, a customer in the store engaged in our discussion on the Masonic Angel Fund. As I began to elaborate on the recent Christmas contribution to 30 children at Waterford St. School, the customer stopped me, only to finish the story herself. She said "my sister called me and told me in astonishment that the principal had gifts for her children and that she was really touched." The customer went on however to say that the children's father had died during the past year and the Masonic Angel Fund unknowingly made a huge impact on this family who otherwise would have gone without. Clearly this woman was holding back her tears . . . the merchant already was crying and opened their register and handed me 'another' donation. 

Bob, I think this is very telling. It doesn't take a great deal of money or scores of people to make an impact in our communities. Whether large or small, or active or sustaining, any Lodge can leverage this program to make a positive impact. We can either make excuses for vacant side-lines or set a course for the next century . . . as for Hope Lodge, this is certainly one of the stepping stones. 

Bro. Kevin Macomber 
Hope Lodge, Gardner