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New MAF's, Nauset Light Shines, Sylvester Baxter Grants, Hints on Operating Your MAF

We are pleased to welcome the following new Masonic Angel Fund's:

#58 Artisan Lodge, Winchendon, MA 2/4/2003


Last month, Bro. LeRoy Atkins of the Nauset Light Lodge Masonic Angel Fund received a very interesting phone call from the director of the Latham School in Brewster, MA. The Latham School is a residential facility that serves approximately forty young women with various physical, emotional and developmental disorders.

The school was approached by a major retailer to see if they would like to purchase winter outerwear at a discount of some 70% off retail. Apparently the retailer was clearing its shelves in anticipation of its annual inventory. The school needed a total of $1,700 to purchase approximately $6,000 worth of merchandise. 

Bro. Atkins called the Foundation to discuss this need. As it happened, Nauset Light was eligible for an as-yet unannounced "Sylvester Baxter Matching Grant". Between Nauset Light's existing funds, the Sylvester Baxter grant and special funding from a Boston-based private foundation, Nauset Light and the Foundation were able to put together a funding package to allow the Latham School to purchase these much-needed articles of clothing. 

The checks were gathered together and Mrs. Virginia Atkins delivered them to the school within a few hours of the initial request.

Forty young women from the ages of eight to twenty-two received a winter coat, hat, mittens and boots - a "per student" benevolence of approximately $42.50 per recipient. The retail price of this benevolence would have been $150 per recipient, once again demonstrating the value derived from each dollar donated through the MAF program.

Ms. Anne McManus, Executive Director of the Latham School writes "On behalf of the students of Latham School, I want to thank you for your generous gift towards the purchase of much needed clothing for the winter months. We appreciate your willingness to help the girls, who are so deserving of the nicer things in life, as some of them have suffered the loss of family, trust and innocence. It is heartening to know how much you care."

That quote really says it all!


Masonic Angel Funds in the Massachusetts 21st Masonic District (the old Provincetown 32nd) are each eligible to receive a $500 matching grant provided by the Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter. Sylvester Baxter RAC raised some $3,500 with a golf tournament and charity auction and has passed those funds to the Masonic Angel Foundation for disbursement to the seven MAF's in the Lower Cape Cod region.

Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter and the York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod have raised over $23,000 for Cape Cod and Islands Masonic Angel Funds and CHIP programs since 1997. Indeed, the York Rite is one of the principal financial supporters of the Masonic Angel Fund program throughout Massachusetts. If you are not already a member of the York Rite, we encourage you to consider joining. The York Rite is an engaged and relevant supporter of Blue Lodge charity programs and deserves our support in return.


The past few weeks have shown us two areas where some of our constituent Masonic Angel Funds could do a little better in the area of MAF operations. 

Prompt Depositing of Donation Checks - In the past three weeks, two different Lodge treasurers or secretaries have "lost" checks or have sat on them so long they went "stale". Fortunately these were checks from within the Masonic family, so nobody had to do damage control with a private donor. Common business sense dictates that donation checks should be deposited within two business days and a written acknowledgement should be sent within that same time period. In one case, the MAF trustee had handed the check to his Lodge secretary, thinking that "all funds must pass through the hands of the secretary." This is not the practice in the Masonic Angel Fund - that's why we require each MAF to have its own, separate checking account. It is the responsibility of the MAF trustees to see that donation checks are deposited promptly and that proper acknowledgements are mailed immediately.

Determination of Need - Two weeks ago a school nurse requested MAF assistance in paying for a Ritalin prescription for a particular boy. The MAF that received the request handled it with all typical efficiency. However, the trustee that responded to the nurse also sent her volumes of information on suggested nutritional and homeopathic alternatives to Ritalin treatment. Such treatment recommendations are forbidden to MAF trustees! We do not assess the need or prescribe treatments - ever. This is a cornerstone of the whole Masonic Angel Fund program. The nurses and other school professionals assess a child's need, prescribe remedies and then it is MAF's function to say yes or no, based on our Ten Standards and local MAF practices. No matter how we feel about a particular situation, it is not the function of any MAF trustee to recommend or endorse alternative remedies to any medical or educational situation. We rely solely on the school professionals for such recommendations.


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Remember, the web site and these email broadcasts are everyone's forum to share and learn about how we all operate our Masonic Angel Funds.


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We thank one and all for your outstanding support of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. 

Regards to all,

Bob Fellows

Managing Director/Board Secretary

Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.