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USO sends letter of thanks

February 12, 2003


Thirty of our "Baby Barracks Kids" who were in need of a warm and cozy hug just got a Big One through the generous support of the Masonic Angel Foundation.

The snowsuits ranged in size from 12 months to 4 toddler. The 16 boys and 14 girls, with the most need, were identified and the coats were assigned within 2 hours. You should also know that all of the recipient families were junior officer grade E-4 and below. 

Comments from the parents: "Please thank the Masons", I can't believe this, both babies needed these", "This is Great, thank you soooo much."

Comments from the kids: "I want the one with the Barbie on it", "Mom are we getting more snow?" (age 3)

Comments from the USO " Thank you again, Masonic Angle Foundation for generous support of our military children, you have been there for these kids every time we needed help."


There is a white "home-made" sign on the coats, in the center of the picture that reads "Masonic Angle Foundation" which we displayed, when the snowsuits were distributed, but it dose not show-up well in the photo, perhaps you can touch-it-up. Could someone please provide me with a sign or banner for such occasions.

Alice Harkins
USO New England Council

(Note - Alice Harkins informed us that the snowsuits were purchased from a “major premium retailer”. The original price of the snowsuits was $95. The price came down through a winter clearance, then marked down 70%, then 20%, then take an additional 50% off. Thus, the original price of $95 per snowsuit becomes a final price of $4.94 per snowsuit.)