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Needham Masonic Angels Commended

This afternoon we received a pleasing email from Bro. Lawrence Trecartin of the Needham Masonic Angel Fund (Nehoiden Lodge, Needham, MA). We share his words and the information he provided below.

The letter from the Needham Public Schools is yet another example of how our MAF's are changing lives - one child at a time, one community at a time.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.


This morning I picked up a piece of mail at the lodge. There does not seem to be any one around in Needham today to share what I think is a piece of exciting mail. So, assuming your sitting at the computer just waiting for this transmission, I hope your as excited as I am. (Please note I have retyped this letter from the original. I do not have a fax machine or a device to scan this to get it on the computer). Lawrence Trecartin, Needham MAF

Reproduced letter below:
Needham Public Schools/Office of the Director of Guidance
Needham High School, 609 Webster St. Needham, MA 02492

(This letter retyped from the original)

January 29, 2003

Masons Trecartin, Eaton, McIntosh/Needham Masonic Angel Fund/Nehoiden Lodge A. F. & A. M.

Dear Messrs. Trecartin, Eaton and McIntosh:

Your thoughtful letter reaffirming that you are still functioning and eager to be of assistance to our Needham Public Schools elementary children was most heartening, albeit you have never really been out of our awareness. Your generosity has actually been the topic of a number of conversations not only among our elementary school counselors, but also among our middle school counselors.

Fortunately, the Masons has not made the all too common assumption that Needham children are generally entitled, having all of their needs met. You are clearly aware that a substantial number of our children go without many of the privileges that many of their peers do have. In these cases of substantial hardship it is very comforting to know that the Masons stand by, ready to evaluate these needs in the context of their ability to address them. As you know, there are townspeople who for a variety of reasons do fall through the cracks. You have been most generous in your efforts to assist in the situations which we have brought to your attention.

On behalf of the recipients of your help and on behalf of the Elementary Guidance Counselors of the Needham Public Schools, I offer you our thanks.

I am meeting with the Elementary Guidance Counselors tomorrow afternoon. I will share your letter with them at the time and would appreciate it if you would convey our gratitude to your fellow Masons.

Very truly yours,

Bruce A. Palombo/Director of Guidance