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Masonic Angel Foundation Update - January 31, 2003
Marine Lodge's MAF hits a home run!

The Foundation recently received a series of emails from Bro. Michael Kramer of Marine Lodge (Falmouth, MA) regarding a most significant benevolence that his Lodge's Masonic Angel Fund awarded recently. The material below is extracted from this remarkable group of email messages.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we begin the article with four pictures.

The gentleman in the coat-and-tie is Bro. Michael Kramer, treasurer of the Marine Lodge Masonic Trust. He was designated to represent the Lodge in the presentation to the Morse Pond School. The two ladies shaking hands with Bro. Kramer are (on his right) Principal Diane Hoppensteadt and (on his left) Assistant Principal Ellen Bankston. The photos were taken by Joseph Santos, who teaches at the Morse Pond School.

The boy in the red t-shirt is the recipient of a specially-equipped Macintosh Powerbook computer. A very bright child, this young man suffered brain damage and now has a considerable difficulty communicating with the spoken word. The computer will function as a tool to help him with homework and more effective communication. The machine will stay with him throughout his upcoming school years.

Much of the work that went into the procurement of this necessary educational tool was coordinated by Morse Pond teacher Joseph Santos. Mr. Santos will soon become a Master Mason in Marine Lodge.

The cost of the computer hardware and software cost approximately $3,200. The school was able to provide the software ($1,500) but could not purchase the hardware. The computer and printer were purchased with $500 in Marine Lodge Masonic Angel Fund money, a $500 donation from the Marine Lodge discretionary fund and two $350 donations from concerned Masons.

This benevolence is an excellent illustration of the "circle concept" about which we speak so often in these broadcasts. The school presented MAF with a need, the MAF trustees led the way with their $500 contribution, the Lodge provided $500 from a second source and two Brothers contributed a total of $700. A child in critical need was served promptly and effectively. Better yet, the teacher involved in this project will soon be raised to the Sublime Degree in Marine Lodge! What better exemplifies success with all of the goals we pursue in the Masonic Angel Fund?

We salute the officers and members of Marine Lodge AF & AM and the staff at the Morse Pond School!

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.