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Masonic Angel Foundation Update - January 31, 2003

In this issue - More news from Star-Athol Lodge's Masonic Angel Fund appears in the Greenfield/Athol/Orange Town Crier newspaper

Bob Fellows;

Some news from the North Central part of the state. Kevin Macomber has agreed to be the District Angel Fund Officer for the 22nd Masonic District and spoke at our first District Meeting. Many questions were asked and I don't doubt that with Kevin at the helm, we will add some Lodges this year.

Star-Athol Lodge is expanding, and now is servicing Ellen-Bigelow, Riverbend, and Pleasant Street Elementary Schools in Athol and will be adding Phillipston Memorial Elementary School next week. 

Wor. Richard Gordon and Artesan Lodge in Winchendon is joining our ranks as I write the Email.

Attached (below) is an article and picture I put together for the Greenfield/Athol/Orange Town Crier. I am delighted to say it was printed in its entirety on Friday, January 31, 2003.

Fraternally yours,

Charles Montalbano