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Masonic Angel Foundation Update - January 8, 2003

In this issue - New MAF's, Update on Christmas Grant Program, Nauset Light MAF Shines, Nantucket's Union Lodge

We are pleased to welcome the following new Masonic Angel Fund's:

#56 Star in the East-Paskamansett Lodge, New Bedford, MA (Serving Acushnet, MA) 12/3/2002


Our December newsletter reported that, on December 14, 2002, the Masonic Angel Foundation received an unanticipated donation from a private charitable foundation in the Boston area. Within five days all of the funds from this donation were disbursed to selected Masonic Angel Funds for Christmas benevolences. 

As Paul Harvey said, "Now for the rest of the story..."

The donor was very impressed that we were able to deploy his funds so quickly and efficiently within five days of receiving the check. After reading the final report we sent to him along with the thank-you notes received thus far, he decided to send us a second generous donation of exactly the same amount as the first one! These funds were designated for use in taking care of kids who might have been "overlooked by Santa" or who had post-Christmas needs for winter clothing and other items.

We received the second donation on December 27, 2002. The proceeds were distributed right away. As of this writing, virtually all of the money has "hit the ground" in the communities to which it was allocated.

The volunteer staff of the Foundation praise this anonymous donor for his generosity to children this holiday season. Thanks to his contributions, literally hundreds of children enjoyed a Christmas gift or are wearing a warm coat this week.

Most impressive in this process is to see what thrifty shoppers our Masonic Angel Fund volunteers are! We are very impressed to see what deep discounts they negotiated with stores like Wal*Mart, Bob's Stores, Old Navy, Toys R Us and more. One lady actually gets 70% discounts from certain retailers! 

This goes to show that the Masonic Angel Fund continues to deliver the very best value for a donor's charitable dollar!


It was delightful to hear of the holiday activities of Nauset Light Lodge's Masonic Angel Fund (Orleans, MA). They first purchased an "emergency" pair of eyeglasses for a child in the Nauset Pre-School program in Brewster. However, the real treat is the following letter they passed along to us yesterday:

From: Latham Centers, Inc. 
To: Mr. LeRoy Atkins, Trustee, Nauset Light Lodge Masonic Angel Fund

Thanks to you and all the members of Nauset Light for being "angels" to our students. We were concerned about our ability to be ready for them on Christmas morning, as most of them will be with us. Your grant of $600 has made it possible for us to have something under the tree for every child here and for that we are very grateful.

We feel very fortunate to have the support of the Masonic Angel Fund and it brings us great comfort, especially this time of year, knowing that you are there for out Latham girls and for countless other children on Cape Cod.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and individuals of Latham Centers, please accept our heartfelt thanks and our wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season.

Anne McManus, Executive Director

[Editor's note - Latham Centers is a residential and day facility for emotionally, intellectually, physically or otherwise challenged young people.]

We congratulate Nauset Light Lodge for shining their beam of hope into the Latham School during the holidays. Many of the girls at Latham have virtually no family contact, so the Christmas Nauset provided is the only Christmas they received.


Yesterday we received the following update from Bro. Robert Bates, Jr. of the Union Lodge Masonic Angel Fund (Nantucket, MA).

"Just a quick update on Union Lodge, Nantucket and our Masonic Angel Fund........after our very successful Silent Auction Fund Raiser we have finally had a request from the schools for aid......we were able to provide the funds for 2 students to participate in an afterschool program called Strong is a program which gets children involved in the outdoors and helps to build their confidence in themselves and trust in others.......this is something which was not possible with the families budget and has been very helpful for these children. The cost of the tuition for both children totaled $290."


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