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Universal Lodge Christmas Benevolences

Below is a list of benevolences provided by the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund (Orleans, MA) during the holiday season.

As we said in yesterday's broadcasts, please share your MAF's holiday benevolences so that we might pass them along to the rest of the Masonic Angel Fund community.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

Report from Universal Lodge MAF - 1/3/2003

12/13/02 - Eddy School (Brewster, MA) - $50 to provide Christmas gifts for an 8 year old boy

12/16/02 - Stony Brook School (Brewster, MA) - $30 co-payment on an asthma inhaler for a 6 year old girl

12/18/02 - Eastham Elementary School (Eastham, MA) - 32 new toys for Christmas gifts. Toys were purchased, donated and delivered to the school by a member of Universal Lodge and his wife, both of who wish to remain anonymous.

12/19/02 - Orleans Elementary School (Orleans, MA) - $150 for Christmas gifts/dinner for a 3rd grade girl and a 7th grade boy.

12/20/02 - Stony Brook School (Brewster, MA) - $200 to provide Christmas gifts for an entire family in foster care - 6 year old boy, 8 year old girl, 11 year old boy, 16 year old boy.

1/3/2003 - Eastham Elementary - $300 to supplement after school program tuition for a 4th grade boy.