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Saturday, December 21, 2002  - MAF Elves in last minute scurry to help children in need as Christmas approaches

Late breaking benevolences
Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA) - The wife of a Lodge member donated over 35 new toys to the Masonic Angel Fund for delivery to the Eastham Elementary School. This generous contribution provided Christmas gifts for several young boys at the school. Universal also provided Christmas gift funding for several children in foster care, as well as others in needful situations.

Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA) - Funding for an inhaler for a fourth grade girl with respiratory problems. Her device had failed and the insurance would not provide a second unit.

St. Andrew Fund - Christmas for a family of four children living in foster care provided via Overlook Visiting Nurse's Association. 

Hope Lodge (Gardner, MA) - The saga of the 23 winter coats continues! A full report will be forthcoming soon. However, we do know that hats and mittens have been donated to go with the coats or to other children who need them. One of the trustees at HLMAF reports that they were able to purchase approximately $1,300 worth of coats for roughly $650 - and the store manager asked for an application to join the Fraternity!

Last weekend we reported on an unanticipated donation from a private charitable foundation. The funds were designated for use in purchasing Christmas presents for children in Massachusetts.

We are pleased to report that all funds were disbursed to constituent Massachusetts Masonic Angel Funds by Tuesday afternoon. Most of these MAF's have already delivered the gifts purchased with this special grant. 

An example is in the words below from Matthew Monroe with the King Hiram's Lodge Masonic Angel Fund in Provincetown, MA. This is a letter to the benefactor who made this grant series possible:

"Thank you for your generous help in making the Holidays Happy for the children of Cape Cod. My goal this season was to aid as many children on the Lower Cape as funds would permit and your donation allowed me to aid 8 more children. I have been working with the Interfaith Council and DSS in this endeavor (as well as a donation to the Kitchen Angels in Provincetown that supply gifts, a Christmas tree and a Christmas dinner to families in need in Provincetown and Truro).
This season I have been working with a want and a need. The children were asked what they want for Christmas and what they needed. We have bought Winter clothing for a number of children, warm pajamas, snow suits dresses and tights, just about everything imaginable for clothing, these fulfilled their needs. For their wants we have done everything from getting a little girl her first bike (with helmet as well), to educational toys, dolls, doll clothing ( I found the cutest pair of bunny slippers complete with ears and tail for an 18" doll so I got pj's and a mini stuffed animal to complete the outfit), stuffed animals, books, you name it, their wants were even more varied than their needs, but the one thing I noticed was that the children were not asking for much, nor the most expensive toys and games either (even if they had I would have tried to accommodate them as much as possible within reason). 
Once again Thank you for helping bring smiles to the Children of Cape Cod.
Sincerely, Wor. Matthew Monroe, Master, King Hiram's Lodge"

Words cannot express the gratitude of the MAF "family" for the wonderful surprise in our mailbox last Saturday. Thanks to this donation, our constituent MAF's have provided Christmas to some 100 additional children in the last week.

Happy holidays to all. God bless us, every one