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Indianapolis, Indiana weighs in - Broad Ripple Lodge MAF brightens Christmas for children in need

Brethren and friends,
Below is a report we received today from our Masonic Angel Fund in Indianapolis, IN.  This is a copy of the report they posted in a recent Lodge notice.
Regards to all,
Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

The Broad Ripple Lodge Masonic Angel Fund has donated an eye exam and new glasses for a 2nd grade student at the Indiana School for the Deaf. I had the happy privilege of meeting the young lady, her teacher and classmates two days before Thanksgiving. She comes from a family of nine children in South Bend, and she is completely deaf. Medicaid paid for a set of glasses at the beginning of the year, but they disappeared after a trip home. These glasses will remain at the school, and we bought the most rugged and damage-resistant ones we could, complete with a warranty (kids being kids). Veronika nearly failed her ISTEP test this fall simply because she was unable to see the questions. That situation is now remedied, thanks to you. The Angel Fund was contacted by her teacher, Linda Groogan, several weeks ago, and the biggest stumbling block was trying to pry information from the parents - which she was never able to do. We stressed to Linda the benefits of the Fund, namely that we can act when others won't - including the parents.

Brothers, the sheer joy of this child over a simple gift like this was gratifying in the extreme, and we have made more new friends for our Lodge. We all have a standing invitation to visit the Deaf School, and even have lunch with these great kids.

We received another call, from School 84, concerning a young girl who comes to school every day in ragged and torn clothes, who just needed a simple pair of pants. Stories like this break your heart to think that three $10 pairs of pants can make a world of difference to a child's self-esteem and outlook on life. And a social worker at the Damien Center in Indianapolis has called about us perhaps helping children infected with the AIDS virus. It has taken a while for the word to get out, but your donations are starting to make a difference. Teachers and administrators can't believe that we ask for no interviews, hold no drawn out appropriations meetings or demand multi-page documentation. They call and we ask "How much and when do you need it?"

Thanks to everyone who has donated this year. The Grand Lodge of Indiana let us add an additional line on your dues statement this year to make it simple for you to donate to the Broad Ripple Masonic Angel Fund. Please consider helping us with this important mission.

Chris Hodapp, PM - Secretary & Trustee
Broad Ripple Lodge #643