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In this issue - New MAF's, USO Baby Barracks, Photos Requested, MAF News in Lodge Notices, Benevolences and Fund-Raising Galore, Central Resource Directory, School Outreach Assistance, Grand Lodge Matching Grants

We are pleased to welcome the following new Masonic Angel Fund's:

#51 Ashler Lodge, Rockport, MA, 10/07/2002
#52 Shawmut Lodge, Newton, MA, 10/23/2002
#53 Russell Lodge, Arlington, MA, 11/14/2002
#54 The Tyrian Lodge, Gloucester, MA, 12/3/2002

We are very pleased to have MAF as the primary sponsor of the "Baby Barracks" at the USO Logan Airport and Boston Liberty facilities. This sponsorship was made possible by funding from The Lodge of St. Andrew and a lot of hard work by Massachusetts Grand Lodge's corporate relations director Robert Shaughnessey. Read about the Baby Barracks program at - it's one of the two December 13th news items.

Those who visit the MAF web site on a regular basis are familiar with our gallery of children's pictures that plays on the main page. If you have photos you'd like to have our webmaster consider including in the rotation, please email them to - they may be pictures of your own kids, grandchildren or other children (with signed parental permission). You may notice that the photo of a newborn infant recently appeared in the rotation, the first-born son of my colleague at work. (Yes, I do something in addition to volunteer work for MAF!)

Many Lodges are beginning to include "Masonic Angel Fund" news in their monthly notices. This is an excellent idea! Not only does it keep your Brethren informed about developments in MAF-land, it is a terrific way to keep MAF in the front of their thoughts when the time comes to ask them for donations. The best and most complete that we have seen is from our outstanding Masonic Angel Fund in Needham, MA. Please visit and read the December 13th news item entitled "Nehoiden Lodge's report..."

Below, we report several items that we received via email.

Ashler Lodge, Rockport, MA - The trustees of the recently-established MAF in Rockport made their first outreach visit to a school last week and immediately provided four winter coats. They are already working with the school and other organizations to fund a hearing aid needed by a little girl.

William Parkman Lodge, Winchester, MA - "Just finished sending a youngster to camp and receiving a lovely note from the school coordinator. The recipient's guidance counselor felt strongly that she would benefit from a 'wholesome summer recreational program.' Since her father is unemployed, our Masonic Angel Fund contribution was in conjunction with other town agencies. The contribution was totally arranged by one of our MAF trustees. The formal thank-you note from the school's assistant principal concluded "...we thank you...and your entire William Parkman Masonic Lodge for continuing your outstanding and active record of helping deserving children and their families in Winchester.'" Well done, Brethren!

Union Lodge, Nantucket, MA - " an eight hour period.......4 hours Friday evening and 4 hours Saturday day.........Union Lodge was able to raise $4700.00 towards our Masonic Angel Fund..............Great appreciation goes out to Bro. James Grieder and Bro. Vincent Calarco for all the time they placed into the setup of this auction....and also to all the Brothers and Community business' that donated items for the Auction." Note - this Lodge is now eligible for a $1,000 match from Grand Lodge of Mass. and a $500 match from The Lodge of St. Andrew.

Needham Masonic Angel Fund, Nehoiden Lodge, Needham, MA - Three students are from the same family (boy/5th grade, girl/7th grade, girl/10th grade), supported by a single mother. All three students were in need of eyeglasses. Up to this time the mother was able to support the eye needs of the three students. At this time all three kids needed eyeglasses. No other financial assistance was available. The nurse and mother found a source that would provide glasses to all three children for a total of $194. The mother was able to contribute $30 and the Needham MAF issued a check for $164.

Gardner Masonic Angel Fund, Hope Lodge, Gardner, MA - "...all goes very well . . . we raised approximately $1200 in four days (ending this weekend) selling Christmas trees to receive a call from a principal this week requiring 23 coats . . . the kids were so poorly dressed the teachers could not let them go out for recess. I will keep you posted when we close the loop with the distributor."

Universal Lodge, Orleans, MA - Several Christmas benevolence packages, afterschool program tuition and another musical instrument rental.

York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod - The York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod will hold their fifth annual fund-raising dinner and auction for the Masonic Angel Funds of Cape Cod on Wednesday, December 18, 2002. Since 1997, Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter, Orient Royal Arch Chapter, Cape Cod Council R&SMM and Cape Cod Commanery #54 have contributed over $20,000 to MAF and CHIP programs on Cape Cod. Particulars are available at

Several MAF trustees have suggested that we develop a central directory of professionals who are willing to work with Masonic Angel Funds either regionally, state-wide or nationally. We recently saw an eye professional in the Needham area that provided three pairs of eyeglasses for under $200. Are there others out there who would be willing to work with us?

If you are a professional, retailer or know of one that is willing to work with Masonic Angel Funds to help children with specialized items please contact and we will add you to a central resource directory. Once we have a few names in the list, we will put the list up on the web site.

Please note - we are not asking resource providers to give MAF free products or services. We are seeking those who can help us keep our costs down without injury to themselves or their livelihoods.

A few constituent Masonic Angel Funds have written to the Foundation lamenting that "the schools don't ask us for anything". We can help!

Children in need exist at every school in the world. Communication with school staff is key to identifying and fulfilling these needs. In many communities school nurses have told us that, because they never had a program like the Masonic Angel Fund, they tended to look away when they saw certain situations - because there was simply no place to turn for assistance.

Our Foundation's board president (John Alden Sherman) is an expert on Masonic Angel Fund outreach. He is available to advise and assist any Masonic Angel Fund in launching an effective school outreach program. If you would like to talk with John about how your Masonic Angel Fund can communicate most effectively with the schools please contact the Foundation via or at 508-255-8812. 

The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts again offers matching grants for many different Lodge charity programs. Of interest to MAF trustees, if your Lodge makes a donation to your local Masonic Angel Fund the Grand Lodge will match that donation up to $1,000. This match is good for up to $1,000 per Massachusetts Lodge in this fiscal year.

Application forms for the Massachusetts Grand Lodge matching grants are available in our downloads section here.
Please note that Massachusetts "citizenship grant" forms are also available here. The Masonic Angel Foundation web site is one of the few places on the web that these forms are available.

On June 28, 2002 we received 10,000 of the new four-color MAF brochure. You can preview this attractive publication here 

These brochures are available free of charge to constituent Masonic Angel Funds in reasonable quantities. If you would like some brochures please contact with the quantity desired. We do ask that you pay for the postage or UPS charges the Foundation incurs in shipping the brochures to you.

We thank Citizens Bank for their generosity in underwriting this new publication. We also thank for their willingness to produce the brochures at a drastically reduced cost.

Please use our list server to share your benevolences and news with others in Masonic Angel Fund family. You may email your questions and stories to this address. Just send an email to Angel Mail

Better still, if you hold a fund raiser or do some special project in your community send us photographs and a "press release" for the web site.

Remember, the web site and these email broadcasts are everyone's forum to share and learn about how we all operate our Masonic Angel Funds.

For a current list of licensed Masonic Angel Funds, please visit here
We thank one and all for your outstanding support of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. 

Regards to all,

Bob Fellows

Managing Director/Board Secretary

Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.