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December 12th, 2002

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Most of you will recall that in October The Lodge of St. Andrew made a most generous donation to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. A portion of this grant was earmarked for the "St. Andrew Fund" which is available to help children in need who live in communities where there is not yet a Masonic Angel Fund. One of the primary identifiers of such needs is Ms. Alice Harkins of the USO New England Council.

This morning I called Alice to discuss some details of the "Baby Barracks" project that the St. Andrew Fund sponsored last year. The timing was most fortunate because Ms. Harkins had just finished her fact-finding on two most troubling situations. 

The first involves a serviceman who is suffering from advanced bone cancer. His prognosis is not an optimistic one and this 27 year old father of two will be admitted to the hospital just a few days prior to Christmas. He will undergo one of those last-ditch, high-risk procedures we often read about and the outlook is grave. This young man has two children - ages eight and four. The USO requested and received $200 to supplement other assistance they received in order to bring this family an early and memorable Christmas.

The second situation is especially sad. Two weeks ago, while the father was at sea, the family's eighteen month old child was killed by a car right before the mother's eyes. The dad has been called home, of course. There is also a five year old child in the house. The USO requested and received funds to supplement other assistance they received in order to bring the five-year-old and her parents some semblance of a holiday.

Certainly, both of these families face unspeakable losses at this usually-festive time of year. We at the Masonic Angel Foundation are proud to help these military families in this time of darkness. Warmest thanks to the Lodge of St. Andrew for providing funds to meet such needs and to our Brother Bob Shaughnessey for establishing our excellent working relationship with the USO.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.