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October 18th, 2002
The Lodge of St. Andrew Contributes $30,000 to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

Orleans, MA - The Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. recently received a contribution of $30,000 from The Lodge of St. Andrew, A.F. & A.M., in Boston. 

The donation to the Masonic Angel Foundation is the largest charitable gift in the 246-year history of The Lodge of St. Andrew. For many years St. Andrew's traditional charitable practice was to make anonymous contributions to start-up or other modestly funded charities for which a typical grant of $500 to $5,000 makes a vital difference. Due to the current difficult economic conditions and the number of families disrupted by the call-up of military Reserves, the Lodge realized that there will be an increase of children in need this winter; the Lodge voted to make these contributions to the MAF as the Brethren understood that the MAF had the broader and more responsive network to identify and relieve the children's needs, and that the MAF's could ensure that St. Andrew's desire to contribute "just the right amount" would be continued. 

The Lodge of St. Andrew is best known for the involvement of its members in the "Boston Tea Party" of 1773. Lodge members "are alleged" to have adjourned their regular monthly meeting early to instigate and participate in the historic Colonial tax uprising.

The Masonic Angel Foundation was incorporated in 2000 and operates a national network of Masonic Angel Funds. A Masonic Lodge in a community manages the Masonic Angel Fund (MAF) for that locality. It is a charter requirement that each Masonic Angel Fund use 100% of the funds it receives for the benefit of children in the local community. All operating overhead of the local MAF must be borne by the sponsoring Lodge's non-charitable funds. Eastham residents John A. Sherman and Robert W. Fellows established the first Masonic Angel Fund at Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA) in 1998.

As of publication time, there are fifty-two Masonic Angel Funds operating in Massachusetts, California, Utah, Indiana, Kansas and Florida. Foundation sources forecast that the system-wide charitable gifts by all Masonic Angel Funds will reach $1 million by 2004.

The Lodge of St. Andrew's $30,000 contribution will be allocated as follows:

"St. Andrew Matching Grants"

$10,000 of the contribution is allocated to fund a series of twenty matching grants of $500 for Massachusetts Masonic Angel Funds. The goal of this program is to encourage Blue Lodges to undertake new activities and initiatives that will make the Lodges more vibrant and attractive to Brethren and candidates as well as raising money for a most-worthy cause.

In order to qualify, a Massachusetts Lodge must first have qualified for and consumed the $1,000 Matching Grant from the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. The next $500 raised by the Blue Lodge for a MAF, after the initial Grand Lodge match of $1,000, is eligible for a matching grant of $500 from the St. Andrew grant series.

To apply for a St. Andrew Matching Grant your Lodge should:

* Submit evidence that it has applied for and received a $1,000 Matching Grant from Grand Lodge for your Masonic Angel Fund any time after September 1, 2002.

* Submit evidence that it has added an additional $500 to its Masonic Angel Fund above and beyond the $1,000 that has been matched by Grand Lodge.

As with all other Foundation grant programs, there is no specific form to be completed. Simply provide us with the information requested above and we will review your application.

Email applications are preferred.

Note that there are only twenty grants in this series. Funds will be awarded on a "first come, first served" basis. 

The "St. Andrew Fund"

$20,000 of the contribution from The Lodge of St. Andrew in Boston is allocated to replenish the "St. Andrew Fund" that the donor Lodge established last year. The St. Andrew Fund provides assistance to children in communities where we do not yet have a Masonic Angel Fund. The primary means of identifying children in need at these locations is through Foundation contacts with the Overlook Visiting Nurse Association and through the Chaplain's Corps of the various military services. We thank the Brethren of The Lodge of St. Andrew for their vision and generosity. Many children throughout Massachusetts have received assistance from the St. Andrew Fund since it was established in October 2001.


The Foundation salutes the vision of the Brethren at The Lodge of St. Andrew. The support that they have provided over the past year has made a significant impact in the lives of a whole lot of kids. Moreover, their special assistance in fulfilling the needs of children in communities where there is not yet a Masonic Angel Fund is instrumental in establishing MAF's in those cities and towns.

On behalf of the officers, directors and supporters of the Masonic Angel Foundation, we salute The Lodge of St. Andrew!

Regards to all,
The Masonic Angel Foundation Team
John A. Sherman, President
Robert W. Fellows, Managing Director/Board Secretary
Lorrimer Armstrong, Jr., Treasurer/CFO
Truman Henson, Jr., Board member
Clarence B. Whichard, III, Board member
J. Duncan Berry, Board member/Development Officer
Mario B. Mere, Webmaster
Southard Lippincott, Advisory Board Chairman
and Susan Hockman, Executive Director