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SPECIAL BULLETIN – October 15, 2002

Nehoiden Lodge comes through!

Once again the Brothers of Nehoiden Lodge in Needham have come forward with a creative solution to a local challenge. It is especially good to see their partnering with the Knights of Columbus to help this child in need. As we have said so many times before "there should be no boundaries of any kind when it comes to helping a child in need."

Last week we received the following report from Needham Masonic Angel Fund trustee Lawrence Trecartin. It is presented below as reported but with names removed:
Needham Masonic Angel Fund Delivers!
[Case is a second grade girl] Initial contact was made on 5/13/2002 from a teaching assistant at Newman Elementary School. The child in need has severe Cerebral Palsy, is unable to walk and is confined to a wheel chair. [She] is transported to and from school via a handicap van, by a municipal vehicle, with either a lift or a ramp. The child’s mother is blind and the grandmother is the breadwinner, there is no father in the picture.
The need is for a chair lift to be purchased and installed in the family’s 2001 Ford Windstar mini van so that the grandmother can transport the child. The grandmother has saved $2,000 for this lift. After many phone calls into cost and availability, the decision was made to work with Ride-Away Handicap Equipment Corp. The total cost for this installation is $4,290. Needham Masonic Angel Fund contacted the Needham Knights of Columbus to see if we could join together to finance the balance of $2,290. The Needham Knights of Columbus agreed. The Needham Knights of Columbus and the Needham Masonic Angel Fund each gave a check for $1,145. 

The installation was completed on September 26, 2002. 


"Christina" rolls out on her new wheelchair lift.
"Good to go!" as "Christina" is secured and ready for her first trip in grandma's wheelchair-lift-equipped Ford Windstar