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UPDATE – September 28, 2002

In this issue - New MAF's, Needham Does it Again!, School Outreach Assistance, Book Fair Vouchers, Grand Lodge Matching Grants, The Gift of Music


We are pleased to welcome the following new Masonic Angel Fund's:

#49 Island Chapter No. 65 Royal Arch Masons, Marathon, FL, 08/27/2002
#50 Joel H. Prouty Lodge, Auburn, MA, 09/05/2002
We note with pleasure that MAF #49 is the second Masonic Angel Fund sponsored by a Royal Arch Chapter and our first in Florida. We remind everyone that any recognized Masonic group may sponsor a Masonic Angel Fund.


Last week we received the following report from Needham Masonic Angel Fund trustee Lawrence Trecartin. It is presented below as reported but with names removed:

[Case is a second grade girl] Initial contact was made on 5/13/2002 from a teaching assistant at Newman Elementary School. The child in need has severe Cerebral Palsy, is unable to walk and is confined to a wheel chair. [She] is transported to and from school via a handicap van, by a municipal vehicle, with either a lift or a ramp. The child’s mother is blind and the grandmother is the breadwinner, there is no father in the picture.
The need is for a chair lift to be purchased and installed in the family’s 2001 Ford Windstar mini van so that the grandmother can transport the child. The grandmother has saved $2,000 for this lift. After many phone calls into cost and availability, the decision was made to work with Ride-Away Handicap Equipment Corp. The total cost for this installation is $4,290. Needham Masonic Angel Fund contacted the Needham Knights of Columbus to see if we could join together to finance the balance of $2,290. The Needham Knights of Columbus agreed. The Needham Knights of Columbus and the Needham Masonic Angel Fund each gave a check for $1,145. 

The installation is scheduled for September 26, 2002. 

Once again the Brothers of Nehoiden Lodge in Needham have come forward with a creative solution to a local challenge. It is especially good to see their partnering with the Knights of Columbus to help this child in need. As we have said so many times before "there should be no boundaries of any kind when it comes to helping a child in need."

In the course of your work with your local Masonic Angel Fund there may be many needs presented that are simply too costly for your MAF to fund on its own. In these cases we encourage you to talk with the school staff about brining together an alliance of several community groups - with MAF as the "lead charity". This formula has worked exceedingly well everywhere it has been used. Not only does it get the child's need fulfilled, it puts your Lodge in the leadership role in relation to other local charity groups. What better Masonic Awareness could one achieve?


A few constituent Masonic Angel Funds have written to the Foundation lamenting that "the schools don't ask us for anything". We can help!

Children in need exist at every school in the world. Communication with school staff is key to identifying and fulfilling these needs. In many communities school nurses have told us that, because they never had a program like the Masonic Angel Fund, they tended to look away when they saw certain situations - because there was simply no place to turn for assistance.

Our Foundation's board president (John Alden Sherman) is an expert on Masonic Angel Fund outreach. He is available to advise and assist any Masonic Angel Fund in launching an effective school outreach program. If you would like to talk with John about how your Masonic Angel Fund can communicate most effectively with the schools please contact the Foundation via or at 508-255-8812. 


In the recent annual report of Philanthropic Lodge (Marblehead, MA) we note with pleasure that this MAF is providing vouchers for children to purchase books at the school book fairs. This program has worked well for every Masonic Angel Fund that has tried it. While the gross dollar amount is modest, the individual benefit is quite considerable. The usual practice is to provide $15 book fair vouchers for children identified by the school staff. $15 will buy a couple of books for a youngster but is sometimes not possible when a single parent with two kids is working for only $8 per hour.

When you next outreach your schools please ask them about book fairs and how many children might need assistance.


The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts again offers matching grants for many different Lodge charity programs. Of interest to MAF trustees, if your Lodge makes a donation to your local Masonic Angel Fund the Grand Lodge will match that donation up to $1,000. This match is good for up to $1,000 per Massachusetts Lodge in this fiscal year.

Application forms for the Massachusetts Grand Lodge matching grants are available in our downloads section at Please note that Massachusetts "citizenship grant" forms are also available at our web site. The Masonic Angel Foundation web site is one of the few places on the web that these forms are available.


This month the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund recently provided a saxophone rental to a youngster in the Nauset Regional school system. With a grant from the Lucille Hawley Memorial Music Fund, Universal paid for a six-month rental of a saxophone for a boy who wished to study that instrument. At the end of the rental period the music teacher and MAF trustees will look at the situation and decide how to proceed from there.

The Lucille Hawley Memorial Music Fund was established in 2000 by Rev. Hughson F.C. Hawley III in memory of his wife. The Hawley Fund provides modest assistance to assist Cape Cod children in the study of music. Hawley Fund assistance is available to any Masonic Angel Fund in Barnstable County, Massachusetts. Donations may be sent to the Hawley Fund in care of the Masonic Angel Foundation.


Masonic Angel Fund activities are of interest to all members of your Lodge. Over our four years of experience with our own MAF here in Orleans, MA we have found that some of the least-active members of our Lodge are the strongest financial supporters of the local Masonic Angel Fund.

Periodic MAF reports in the monthly Lodge notice can be a big step to helping the members of your Lodge feel involved with the Masonic Angel Fund. 

Please speak with your Lodge secretary about including a Masonic Angel Fund report in your next Lodge communication.


On June 28, 2002 we received 10,000 of the new four-color MAF brochure. You can preview this attractive publication at 

These brochures are available free of charge to constituent Masonic Angel Funds in reasonable quantities. If you would like some brochures please contact with the quantity desired. We do ask that you pay for the postage or UPS charges the Foundation incurs in shipping the brochures to you.

We thank Citizens Bank for their generosity in underwriting this new publication. We also thank for their willingness to produce the brochures at a drastically reduced cost.

Please use our list server ( to share your benevolences and news with others in Masonic Angel Fund family. You may email your questions and stories to this address. 

Better still, if you hold a fund raiser or do some special project in your community send us photographs and a "press release" for the web site.

Remember, the web site and these email broadcasts are everyone's forum to share and learn about how we all operate our Masonic Angel Funds.


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