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What Do We Do in a Time of Crisis?
The events of this past year have shocked a nation. Indeed, all eyes have turned to the crash sites and to those who lost their lives or lost a loved one in this abomination.

Many have already received email on what the Grand Lodge of New York is doing to assist as the city digs itself out of the rubble. What can your Masonic Angel Fund do at a time like this?

Local Focus

Sitting out here on Cape Cod, we are shocked to see how many local families were affected by the attack on America. Indeed, several men and women from our Cape Cod communities died on the hijacked airliners and others were lost on the ground. Still more families lost parents, siblings and other loved ones this week.

Now we hear of families being separated as mothers and fathers in the reserves are called to active duty.

This is a time when all Masonic Angel Funds must do significant outreach with their local schools. Beyond the obvious needs of a bereaved family, there are now thousands of households that just became "single parent homes" as folks in uniform head out to serve their nation. That means that thousands of kids will suddenly become latch-key children. Thousands of mothers and fathers will bear the stress of being the sole adult in the house.

These families will need all kinds of assistance in the coming months. Many children will benefit from afterschool programs to keep them safe and occupied until mom or dad picks them up after work. If the primary wage-earner is now off on active duty, many households will suffer financial hardship. While the "Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act" will prevent them from losing their homes, the provision of many basic needs may become difficult for the remaining parent. Winter is coming soon, so there are coats, boots and warm clothing to purchase - plus all of the other day-to-day needs a young family requires.

A Call to Action

Friends, this is the time for your Masonic Angel Fund to shine. Please contact your schools this week and let them know your MAF stands ready to assist. Be specific when you talk with the school staff - remind them of families with reservests in the household. 

If you find the financial demands of this emergency overwhelming to your local MAF, speak with other MAF's in your area. Regional fund-raisers may well be the order of the day.

For the entire history of this great nation, Freemasonry has been at its core. It is time for Masons to serve our nation and its children with our historic honor and distinction.

If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to the Masonic Angel Foundation. We stand ready to assist.

God Bless America!

Robert W. Fellows, Managing Director
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.