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Jordan Levy showcases Masonic Charities on WTAG, Worcester
 ImageJordan Levy
Jordan Levy was born in Worcester and grew up in the Vernon Hill Section of the City. He was elected to the Worcester City Council for the first time in 1975. Jordan served as Mayor of Worcester for eight years and while Mayor, he was part of the Associated Press award winning MAYOR’S FORUM. Jordan joined Worcester’s NewsTalk Leader following his decision not to seek a fifth term as mayor. He quickly became an award winner in his own right. Jordan has received honors from the Associated Press and was voted favorite talk show by Worcester Magazine readers. Governor Paul Cellucci appointed Jordan to the three member Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. Jordan is also the President and CEO of Parker Affiliated Companies.

The Jordan Levy Show offers a forum for the discussion of the days most important news stories and issues. Jordan, never shy about making his opinions known, welcomes listeners to call whatever their viewpoint.

Listen to the Jordan Levy Show Mon-Thurs 5-7PM on NewsTalk 580 WTAG - Worcester


Streaming RealAudio excerpts from the April 24th, 2001 Jordan Levy Show
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Show opens with an interview of M.W. Fred K. Bauer, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts

Click here to listen-13:14
R.W. Southard Lippincott details the Masonic Angel Fund

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The administrator of the Springfield Unit of the Shriners' Hospital for Children speaks of the services available

Click here to listen-9:19

Chris Hedstrom explains the CHIP program

Click here to listen-4:36

M.W. J. Phillip Berquist closes the show speaking on the Masonic Learning Centers and how to become a Mason

Click here to listen-17:53