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February 12th - Wellesley Lodge MAF

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

We received the statement below from the Trustees of the Wellesley Lodge MAF earlier today. It is a terrific example of how the Masonic Angel Fund is changing the lives of children in so many different way.

Bob Fellows/Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
Report from Wellesley Lodge Masonic Angel Fund 


On Monday, February 11, 2002 The Wellesley Lodge Masonic Angel Fund provided a supplementary check in the amount of $2100 to the Department of Social Services. The following is a statement provided by Mr. Paul A. Naso, School Principal of the Country School in Weston as to the use of the money:



“This contribution from the Masonic Angel fund is for a second grade child at the Country School in Weston. The child has been receiving pre-adoptive foster care in Weston and has been attending the school since 1999. Recently case workers from DSS and Dare Family Services, the agency overseeing the adoption, have decided to place this girl in a temporary specialized foster care home in Chelmsford while she undergoes a specialized assessment. The caseworkers continue to have the goal of re-unifying the family by returning her to her pre-adoptive family in Weston.

The caseworkers have identified Country School as providing the “only consistent, safe place” for this child during the recent trying period in her life. The therapists and specialists assigned to work with this child anticipate that the next few months will be frightening and stressful for her. We are all invested in finding a way to keep continuity in this one facet of her life. We are intending, therefore, to transport the child between her temporary home in Chelmsford and County School in Weston. Because these are unusual circumstances, typical sources of funding for transportation do not apply.”

The Wellesley Lodge Masonic Angel Fund expresses its thanks to Gethemane-DeMolay Commandery #7 of the York Rite in Newtonville which recently provided the fund with a substantial matching grant which made it possible to make this larger than ordinary expenditure.


Lincoln K. Richards, Charles A. Franklin, Charles H. Frasier

Trustees, Wellesley Masonic Angel Fund"