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January 8th, 2002 - Masonic Angel Fund featured in Trowel Magazine

The current edition of Trowel Magazine's "The Old Secretary" column features the Masonic Angel Fund program. Trowel is a publication of the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts.

Interestingly, the Trowel article encompasses absolutely everything we have been suggesting as a formula for a successful Masonic Angel Fund. From the proactive outreach program, to the virtually instant fulfillment of requests for benevolence to the community coalition-building - the Masonic Angel Fund described in the article is a model for all others.

Most importantly, the "Old Secretary" has hit upon a concept that we view as the circle of community involvement. We cite the example of when the young person died in the auto accident, the MAF took the lead to establish a coalition in the community to meet the needs of an acutely distressed family. Not only does this provide much needed relief, it once again presents the Masons as a can-do, relevant group of everyday people concerned with the well-being of their community. 

What better combination of community service and Masonic Awareness could one find?

The next time you talk to a friend about becoming a Mason - show them this article! It is one of the most compelling pieces we have seen.

Regards to all,
The Masonic Angel Foundation Team
John A. Sherman, President
Robert W. Fellows, Managing Director
Lorrimer Armstrong, Jr., Treasurer/CFO
Truman Henson, Jr., Board member
Clarence B. Whichard, III, Board member
Mario B. Mere, Webmaster
Southard Lippincott, Advisory Board Chairman
and Susan Hockman, Executive Director

Click here to see Trowel article.