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A Word From Our Director, Robert Fellows


Dear Masonic Angel Fund supporter,

I just finished an exciting phone conversation with R.W. Jerry Jordan of Jordan Lodge in Peabody. Jordan Lodge became our newest Masonic Angel Fund on April 18, 2001.

The Foundation has been following the formation of the Jordan Lodge MAF for a little over a month. The enthusiasm shown in this Lodge is truly remarkable. It causes us to look forward to great things from the Jordan Lodge Masonic Angel Fund!

Here is "the rest of the story..."

Jerry Jordan contacted us several weeks ago as he began to do the background work necessary to start a new Masonic Angel Fund. Both John Sherman and Bob Fellows had conversations with Jerry about the philosophy and operation of the Masonic Angel Fund program.

A little while later, Jerry was speaking at his local Lions Club on another topic. He had some time to fill in at the end so he talked a bit about the Masonic Angel Fund. He left the meeting that night with almost $1,200 in pledges from the Lions. Subsequently he spoke with people from several other civic and fraternal groups in Peabody. At this time it appears that there will be a big upswing of community support to welcome the Masonic Angel Fund to Peabody.

A few days after the Lions program, Jerry spoke with a truant office for the local school system. In their conversation, Jerry mentioned the new MAF they are starting in Peabody and asked the truant officer's opinion. As it turned out, the officer had two homeless boys right at that time who needed proper clothing so they could go to school. Jordan Lodge advanced some charity funds to the officer so he could purchase clothing. Properly clothed, the two boys went back to school.

Two or three days after the "clothing benevolence", the truant officer and his associated approached R.W. Jordan about becoming members of Jordan Lodge "because of all the great things the Masons do for children"! We hear that some other officers in the school liason program may be coming forward to join Jordan Lodge, as well!

The "Jordan Lodge Trifecta" illustrates how in a very, very short period of time a Masonic Angel Fund can have a positive impact on a community - the the very real collateral benefit of recruiting new Masons in the process!

Congratulations to R.W. Jerry Jordan and the members of Jordan Lodge in Peabody. We know that Masonic Angel Fund #22 is off to a terrific start!

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows, Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. or

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