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UPDATE - April 21, 2001

New MAF Adoptions * Lensecrafters * Lessons Learned from a Fundraiser * Partnership with Local Businesses (two articles) * Advisory Board Formed



Pythagorian Lodge (Marion, MA) adopted its MAF resolution on March 13, 2001. 

Union Lodge (Nantucket, MA) voted in its MAF resolution on April 2, 2001. This marks our first "off shore" Masonic Angel Fund. Both Pythagorian Lodge and Union Lodge are in the Nantucket 31st Masonic District. According to DDGM R.W. Bob Wing, we will see the other two Lodges in his district coming along shortly. This means that the Nantucket 31st will be the third Masonic district in Massachusetts to go "100% MAF".

Lafayette Lodge (Sebastopol, CA) presented its MAF adoption on April 9th. 

Broad Ripple Lodge #643 F.&A.M. (Indianapolis, IN)
voted in their MAF resolution on April 12th. Broad Ripple's MAF represents the first time we have licensed an "inner city" Masonic Angel Fund. We have spoken at length with Worship Master Christopher Hodapp about his implementation plans and are very pleased by his enthusiasm.


MAF Trustee Jim St. Pierre ( is negotiating an arrangement with the "Lenscrafters" chain of optical shops where children qualified by their local Masonic Angel Fund might receive free exams and eyeglasses. This program is being tested with Mount Horeb Lodge (Dennis, MA) and will be made available to all MAF's shortly. 

When the Lenscrafters program is ready to go, we will send out an email broadcast and we will also mail a kit to each licensed MAF.



Last month the Foundation held a small "Dinner with the Authors" program to raise funds for Foundation operating expenses. The event was successful in several ways. First, we raised a little money to pay for postage, photocopying, web hosting and the phone bill (the Foundation has no paid staff and few other expenses). Second, we had an excellent time with four top-shelf local authors. Third, we had a captive audience of about 60 non-Masons to hear all about the Masonic Angel Fund. Fourth, we learned a lot about how "civilians" perceive the Masonic Angel Fund.

What did we learn? Our local Masonic Angel Fund has been up and running for about two-and-a-half years. During that time we have held several local fund-raisers and have given out literally thousands of pieces of literature to the public both on the MAF and on Freemasonry in general. The result of this "marketing campaign" is that every single person who was approached to attend the authors' dinner already knew something about the Masonic Angel Fund. Moreover, one of the ladies who attended went back and mentioned MAF to a writing class that she teaches - and over 75% of the people in that class already knew about MAF.

We also reaffirmed the power of partnership with local businesses. The Hearth 'n Kettle chain of restaurants (a very distinguished name in Southeastern Massachusetts) is a strong supporter of the Masonic Angel Fund. The Masonic Angel Fund was established in the back dining room of the Orleans, MA H&K. The Foundation was organized at Table 91 in the same restaurant. We hold board meetings and other Lodge committee meetings there on a regular basis.

H&K was the first "non-Mason" supporter of this program. They first partnered with us for a "Great Pumpkin" contest in 1999. Not only did this generate several hundred dollars for the local MAF, it gave us a venue to distribute over 2,000 flyers about the Masonic Angel Fund!

The "Dinner with the Authors" program was a similar opportunity for awareness. H&K offered us a special function package on a night when the store is traditionally not busy. The event was promoted through the H&K and two local bookstores. Hundreds of flyers were given out between the three locations - and H&K gave little "tip tray flyers" on the event to each party that dined there over a ten day period.

We mention this for two reasons. One - we wish to illustrate an important means of promoting Masonic Awareness in general and MAF in particular. Two - We strongly encourage any MAF to try a local authors' night. It is an easy fund-raiser to organize and gives you a chance to present Masonry in a venue of culture, literature and caring for children.

See pictures and commentary about the authors' event by going here.  Visit the Hearth 'n Kettle web site at - and be sure to send an email to H&K thanking them for their support of the Masonic Angel Fund.

For several months we have spoken about the program with Lycos founder Bob Davis that will be held as an MAF benefit on June 4th. We are pleased to tell you about the assistance we received from the Cape eConomy publication. You can see the article they issued at 

Cape eConomy is part of the Best Read Guide/ family of companies ( Founder Walter Brooks is a strong support of the Masonic Angel Fund and a good personal friend of the MAFI managing director. Mr. Brooks has tied us in with the Cape Cod Ecommerce Council and other media groups. He gives us valuable advice on focusing our message and on how to get that message in front of the public. Hats off to you, Walter!

The board of directors of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. recently appointed an "advisory board" of individuals to provide us with support and input in the various tasks associated with promoting the Masonic Angel Fund program. Each is listed below with their email address and a brief summary of their area of expertise. If you would like to volunteer to help with Foundation projects, please contact one of these advisory board members or email

Susan Hockman - (Foundation's volunteer executive director) - Fund-raising, establishment of new MAF's and school outreach programs. -

Michael Kaulback - Establishment of new Masonic Angel Funds -

Southard Lippincott (Advisory Board Chairman) - Establishment of new Masonic Angel Funds -

Sims McGrath, Jr. - Fund-raising and "infrastruture" for the Foundation -

Mario Mere - Webmaster and public relations -

Jim St. Pierre - School outreach programs for existing Masonic Angel Funds -
After completing the lengthy process required by the IRS, we are pleased to report that the Foundation has received it's final letter granting 501(c)(3) status. If you have a patron who wishes to make a charitable donation for tax purposes, please contact the Foundation for information on how we can make this happen to the benefit of your local Masonic Angel Fund.

It should come as no shock to anyone that there are a number of organizations that have "Angel" or "Angel Fund" in their names. Our "brand" is "Masonic Angel Fund". To avoid your being confused with other organizations, we encourage you to use the whole name "Masonic Angel Fund" or the abbreviation MAF and to banish the stand-alone term "Angel Fund" from our collective vocabulary. "Masonic" is just as important a part of our "product identification" as is "Angel Fund".

Another "vocabulary" term we hope to banish is the word "needy". Children served by MAF's do not always (and usually do not) meet the traditional view of "needy". They are "children in need" who have fallen through the cracks all-too-often intended to catch the "needy" but not the working families that suffer from their paycheck to paycheck existence when things start to go wrong in their household. We encourage you to revise your literature as you re-print it to substitute the term "children in need" for "needy children" wherever appropriate.

We were informed by Russell Carter (, Worshipful Master of St. Martin's Lodge (Chatham, MA) that his Lodge will hold a joint Table Lodge with Pilgrim Lodge (Harwich, MA) with any profits generated going to the two Lodge's Masonic Angel Funds. The Table Lodge will be held on May 12, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. in St. Martin's Lodge. We commend Brothers Russ Carter and Paul Lavoie ( Master of Pilgrim Lodge for their creativity in funding their MAF's. A Table Lodge is an enjoyable Masonic experience by any measure, but so much nicer when it is being conducted to benefit a cause close to the Brethren's hearts. Email either of the Masters for ticket information.

Howard Lodge (South Yarmouth, MA) will hold a Table Lodge on May 26th to benefit their MAF. Contact Worshipful Master David Blake ( for ticket information.

What has your MAF been doing? With all the benevolences that our constituent Masonic Angel Funds are doing, we do not always get word of this activity. If you have given one or more grants from your MAF and would like to share the details with other Lodges, please email them to

The Masons at Mount Horeb Lodge are at it again! Through some excellent networking, they have arranged for Mr. Bob Davis, founder of Lycos, to speak at a special fund-raising breakfast on Monday, June 4th. The event will be held at Christine's Restaurant in West Dennis at a cost of $20 per person. Advance ticket sales may be arranged by contacting Jim St. Pierre ( Proceeds from the breakfast benefit the Mount Horeb Masonic Angel fund. Donations for the Foundation will be accepted, as well.

This excellent work on the part of Mount Horeb will bring national technology press coverage to the Masonic Angel Fund program. We are working with Walter Brooks of to maximize attendance by the local technology and ecommerce community. This is a terrific Masonic Awareness opportunity!

For more information and to order tickets go here.