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 ON MARCH 28TH The Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. presented a "Dinner with the Authors" event. This very special dinner was held on Wednesday, March 28th in the Orleans Hearth 'n Kettle Restaurant. The function featured a full-course dinner followed by remarks from each of the four local authors who made this event possible. Proceeds from this event went to the Masonic Angel Foundation 

Featured authors were: Admont G. Clark (lighthouse historian), Paul Kemprecos (mystery), Leslie Meier (mystery) and William P. Quinn (shipwreck historian).


Ms. Deborah Potter of the Orleans Hearth ‘n Kettle welcomes the audience of some 60 people. Hearth ‘n Kettle was the first corporate benefactor of the Masonic Angel Fund. Most of the Foundation’s board meetings and official functions are held at H&K properties.


Foundation Board Secretary and managing director Robert W. Fellows presented the mission of the Masonic Angel Fund as Executive Director Susan Hockman assisted the authors prior to their presentations.
Mystery author Leslie Meyer spoke about her murder mystery books, all set in the fictional town of Tinker’s Harbor, Maine.
Ms. Meyer spoke at some length regarding her father’s and grandfather’s Masonic membership.

Foundation Board president John Alden Sherman is in his element, dining with a group of children and their mother.
The 10 year old boy in this photograph donated his current week’s allowance to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. at the conclusion of the program

Noted shipwreck historian William Quinn reflected on his lifetime of experiences in shipwreck investigation throughout the waters of New England.
Mystery author Paul Kemprecos dazzled the group with anecdotes of his days as a journalist on “Cape Cod, the way it used to be”. Kemprecos recently collaborated on a series of novels with Clive Cussler.

Historian Admont Clark spoke about his experiences in the US Coast Guard and how they led him to write his books about lighthouses and stories about the heroic men of the life-saving service.
Clark is one of the original faculty of Cape Cod Community College and the proud father of the Foundation’s volunteer executive director Susan Hockman.

Above is one of the Hearth ‘n Kettle’s famous “Masonic Angel Fund Cake” creations. H&K has created a digital-artwork cake for each of the Foundation’s premiere fundraisers