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Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - "Angel Mail" Update – June 12th 2014

Benevolence Builder Grants Fully Expended

Dear MAF supporter: 

The spring Benevolence Builder Grant series concluded today, June 10th, when the grant funds were fully expended.  We thank our Brethren in The Lodge of St. Andrew for the generosity in underwriting this BBG series. 

Food, clothing and other “basics” remain the most popular item in our MAF chapters’ portfolio, as they have been for the past several years.  The spring BBG series also sees a fair amount of traffic in summer learning programs as well as an increasing amount of school supply benevolences. 

We tip our hats to the Masonic Angel Fund chapters that participated in this most recent BBG series.  Your faithful work in your community makes children’s lives better every day. 

Cordially and fraternally,


Robert W. Fellows
Co-Founder/Board President
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