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"Angel Mail" Update – May 23, 2012

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;  what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike

Angel  Fund  Builds  Hygiene  Kits,  Masonic  Bridges 

Many hands make light work.  This old axiom was again confirmed Saturday, May 19, when 23 HL Palmer Masonic Angels and Friends set to work.  They met in the Palmer Lodge dining room where tables were piled high with working materials.  In the short span of two hours they prepared 1,000 complete hygiene kits.  Members of five Masonic lodges, four affiliated bodies, plus three non-affiliated persons took on the huge assembly task.

Participants represented the following lodges: Henry L. Palmer #301; Freemasons # 363; Milwaukee-Harmony #261; Aurora #30; and Lake #189.  Masonic related participants were DeMolay Doric Chapter; Golden Rule Chapter, OES; Silas Shepherd Research Lodge and Prince Hall Times Square Lodge.  Other volunteers included the spouses of members; the Milwaukee Elks Club; and the Masonic Brotherhood Council.

The method of assembling the hygiene kits was selected by Bro. Lee Wackman, founder of the HL Palmer Masonic Angel Fund.  Each  kit starts with a small nylon laundry bag which is filled with bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste.  Just like cars moving along Henry Ford’s assembly line, the kits moved from person to person along two lines of assemblers.  At the end of the lines four young DeMolay men  boxed up the completed kits and placed them in storage.  Assembly line materials were frequently replenished by runners who performed admirably, staying ahead of the baggers.

Angels’ president Wackman reminded  all volunteers that the need for hygiene kits is tremendous.  “The hygiene kits made today are destined to aid homeless children, veterans’ children, and needy school kids,” he said.  Bro. Wackman explained the kits are very popular with kindergarten teachers who demonstrate and encourage personal hygiene to their young students.  Bro. Wackman said he was astounded to learn than some of the neediest children have never even seen a toothbrush, and have no idea of how to use it.

Bro. Wackman concluded his break time remarks by thanking all who turned out to assist in accomplishing this tremendous task.  “Not only do I thank you, but so do the 1,000 kids who will never know you, but who will sincerely appreciate your efforts here today.”

Palmer Past Master Khris Kay, at the completion of the work, marveled at how happy all the workers were, filling the room with good natured chatter while still functioning like a well-oiled machine, and finishing their job in record time.  “Today was a good example,” he said, “of brethren having fun while working together to provide a much needed community service.”

 “How wonderful it is for brethren and friends to join together in joyful harmony laboring for a cause far greater than their own.”  So mote it be.