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Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - "Angel Mail" Update – February 1st 2012

Angel Fund Scores Again!

Are you ready for an example of how swiftly the Masonic Angel Fund brings results? Well. Read on; we think you will be impressed.

On Monday, January 9, Miss Veronica Leshok observed the children coming into her school. Miss Leshok is the School Social Worker at the J. W. Riley public school, located near 4th and Lincoln on Milwaukee’s south side. She noticed a very young boy shivering as he entered the school. He was protected from the cold weather by only a light weight sweater he was wearing. Miss Leshok felt extreme pity for the boy, and feared that others at this school serving a poor neighborhood would also be facing the cold without coats.

She called Angels President Lee Wackman and received his assurance the Angels would provide coats for some kids. Miss Leshok then took it upon herself to visit every classroom in the school to determine which children were coatless and their coat sizes. Later that day she again called Bro. Wackman and sheepishly reported 37 boys and 12 girls without coats. She would appreciate whatever help the Angels could provide.

Bro. Wackman called a local department store known to be able to fill a large order and negotiated a price lower than the current sale price of the coats. Bright and early the next morning (Tuesday, January 10) Bro. Lee and his red SUV appeared at the store and loaded hooded winter coats into his SUV. He then called the social worker to inform her that he had a surprise for her and the kids. Miss Leshok arranged for the kids to be released from their classes a few minutes before
their lunch period.

As she marched the children down to the playground they could see Bro. Wackman standing next to his red SUV. Then he and Miss Leshok, wearing big smiles, distributed a brand new winter coat to each of the appreciative 49 children.

In about 22 hours the Angel fund was able to acquire and distribute 49 coats to an equal number of needy students.
Brother Wackman turned aside any personal accolades for his work, deferring all the credit to the good people who support Angel Fund activities.





Click here to view a hand crafted Thank You card from one of the students.