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"Angel Mail" Update – December 12, 2011

Freemasonry at Its Best

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;  what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pike

St. Andrew Benevolence Builder Grants concluded

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

The winter series of St. Andrew Benevolence Builder Grants concluded today when the funds allocated for this series were fully expended.

We are proud of the dozens of chapters that have made this a very special Christmas for so many children in need. It is especially pleasing to see so many new chapters availing themselves of BBG replenishment grants.

As regular readers are aware, the “benevolence builder” program requires Masonic Angel Funds to "give money to get money". We find this is a far more effective motivator than traditional matching grants - which, in theory, permit MAF's to accumulate money without regard to how much they expend to help children in need. Benevolence Builders replenish local MAF accounts after a benevolence is conferred. Each local MAF is responsible for its own success. The BBG program rewards "successful" Masonic Angel Funds based on what they are actually doing to help children in need.

It is pleasing to see that the BBG program actually inspired Masonic Angel Funds to "do more" rather than "do the same". This is exactly what The Lodge of St. Andrew and the Foundation desired! We like to set the bar a little higher, knowing that those running local Masonic Angel Funds tend to set the bar higher for themselves as Masons. BBG is very much a "challenge program" and our MAF chapters rose to the challenge splendidly!

We thank everyone involved for their exemplary work on this program.   Look for our “Christmas Wrap-Up” broadcast coming once the dust settles on what promises to be a very active holiday season.

Regards to all,

Robert W. Fellows

Co-Founder/Board President

Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. /