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"Angel Mail" Special Bulletin – June 25, 2011

Dear Masonic Angel Fund trustee: 

The spring Founders Fund Benevolence Builder Grant series has concluded.  All requests received as of today’s mail have been fulfilled and the funds allocated for this series exhausted.  This was a very busy spring and the first time a Founders BBG series reached zero before its conclusion date.

 The benevolences submitted by our chapters are, as always, inspiring and interesting to read.  These grant series always reinforce how much the schools in the communities we serve have come to depend on MAF philanthropy.  I often wonder what became of these cases before the Masonic Angel Fund arrived on the scene.

 We express our sincerest thanks to the friends and family of John Alden Sherman as well as to the many other donors that helped make this Founders' Fund BBG series possible.

 Regards to all,

Robert W. Fellows

Co-Founder/Board President

Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

Phone 508-255-8812