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We were very pleased to learn last week of the outstanding MAF school
outreach program maintained by Mount Horeb Lodge AF & AM in Dennis, MA.
Because of the "out and about" nature of his work as a plumber, MAF
Trustee Jim St. Pierre is able to drop in at each of his schools on a
weekly basis. These visits often consist of no more than sticking his
head in the door of the nurse's office to say hello and see if she needs
anything. However, Jim's outreach work has kept the Masonic Angel Fund in
the forefront of school staffer's thoughts throughout the town of Dennis.

This is a model of the kind of outreach that all of us should be doing
with our Masonic Angel Funds. While weekly contact is not always
practical, each school should have contact with someone from your Lodge at
least once a month. 

One of the big challenges of a new program like the Masonic Angel Fund is
for us to learn as much as we can from the school staff about the needs of
children in our communities. This helps us focus our fund-raising efforts
and helps us serve the schools more efficiently. The last thing we want
is for a nurse or counselor not to ask us for something because they don't
think we would cover it. Better to have them ask!

For at least the fourth or fifth time in these broadcasts, we commend
Mount Horeb Lodge for their "over and above the call" commitment to the
Masonic Angel Fund. They serve as a fine example to the rest of us.

On February 12, 2001 Fraternal Lodge AF & AM of Centerville, Massachusetts
voted to adopt a Masonic Angel Fund. Fraternal Lodge will serve children
in the Barnstable public school system - by far the largest school system
in the Cape Cod region. Fraternal voted to "seed" its MAF with $500 in
Lodge charity funds.


John Sherman of the "mother" Masonic Angel Fund at Universal Lodge
(Orleans, MA) reports that his MAF granted scholarships for the Orleans
Elementary School after school program for two children last week. The
Masonic Angel Fund provided 50% of the tuition (a grant of $100 per child)
with the family and other organizations picking up the balance.

Universal Lodge also provided eye care services and glasses to a
six-year-old diabetic child last week.
We have noted in recent months that eye care services thus far seems to be
the "best selling" benevolence of our Masonic Angel Funds. In
contemplating this, I had a nice conversation with the local optometrist
who is so generous with the Universal Lodge MAF.

This doctor suggests that each Masonic Angel Fund trustee should consult
his own optometrist to see if he or she would be willing to work with the
local MAF in providing exams and glasses to children in need. Mind you,
we should not ask these professionals to donate their services outright -
just to see if they might consider a modest discount and net billing
arrangement with the Masonic Angel Fund.

I would note here that the Foundation was very tempted to approach one of
the national eye care chains to see if something could be worked out on a
widespread basis. However, our local eye doctor (who is a long-time
Mason, by the way) reminded me that the Masonic Angel Fund is a
community-based program. Part of our mission is to raise Masonic
Awareness in our own community and to develop community support for
Masonic Charity programs. One does not develop local community support by
working with national eye care chains. One develops this support by
working with your local eye care professionals. The same can be said
about dentists, clothing retailers...etc.

If any of you would like to explore this further and desire some advice on
how to approach eye doctors and other local professionals, please email me
via - I will be happy to talk with you about this concept.
Many you already know R.W. Southard Lippincott as the patron saint of
Masonic Angel Funds in the Provincetown 32nd Masonic District. During his
last six months as District Deputy Grand Master, Southard donated startup
funds to each new MAF that was launched in his District. Moreover, he has
worked tirelessly on behalf of the Masonic Angel Foundation since its
initial exploratory meeting in January 2000.

Last week Southard gave me a run-down of the various Lodges he had visited
in the communities surrounding his home-base of Newtonville, MA. I was
truly amazed at the number of Lodges he had visited! There seems to be a
lot growing out of the seed that was planted in Newton by Fraternity and
Fuller Lodge's adoption of an MAF. We now know who is tending that seed
and helping it flourish in nearby communities!

A big tip of our hats to Southard Lippincott, this week's "busiest Masonic
Each licensed Masonic Angel Fund will receive a survey from the Foundation
in the next few days. The survey is an interim request for information
about your MAF's activities. 

The reason we are asking for this information now is so that we can learn
more about what our constituent Masonic Angel Funds are doing in their
communities. We have already learned a tremendous amount from the routine
email correspondence with our more active MAF's. 

We will be sharing the data from these surveys in future email broadcasts.
Your response will help all of us to better focus our fund-raising efforts
and to better promote community awareness of the good works our Masonic
Angel Funds are doing in each city, town and village they serve.
As secretary of Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA) I received the following
letter from Wor. Bernard Schofield of Pilgrim Lodge (Harwich, MA).

"Pilgrim Lodge is panning a "Ham 'n Bean Supper" on March 31st to be held
at the East Harwich United Methodist Church commencing at 5:00 p.m. and a
second sitting at 6:00 p.m. The proceeds will benefit the Masonic Angel
Fund and Scholarship Fund. Tickets are available from the officers for
$6.50 and $3.50 for children age 12 and under. Reservations may be made
by calling the Lodge at 432-0017 and email to
Also available at the door."

This is another example of Pilgrim Lodge working diligently to build up
their Masonic Angel Fund's cash balance. Pilgrim gained the appellation
"busiest Masonic Angel Fund" in December when they were nearly overwhelmed
with requests during the Christmas season. We note that the Trustees of
the Pilgrim Lodge MAF have built an ongoing fundraising program in
response to the profound need in their community.

February 12th - Fraternal Lodge (Centerville, MA) - Masonic Angel Fund
outreach talk by Foundation Board President John Sherman.

March 12th - Fall River, MA - MAF Outreach Talk for Royal Arch Masons by
Foundation Managing Director Robert Fellows.

March 31st - Nantucket, MA - York Rite visitation and MAF outreach
presentation with Foundation Board members Chris Whichard, Lorrimer
Armstrong and Robert Fellows.

April 30th - Norwood, MA - MAF District presentation by Foundation Board
members Truman Henson and Robert Fellows.

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, John Sherman and Bob Fellows
recently visited a Unitarian/Universalist Church to speak about the
Masonic Angel Fund and came away with a good sum of donated money, plus
several subsequent donations. 

In a nearby community, a women's church group donated $500 to the local
Masonic Angel Fund.

We encourage you to send representatives of your Masonic Angel Fund out to
speak in area houses of worship. Ask the members of your Lodge to help
you secure speaking engagements at these churches and synagogues. Such
engagements are a great source of donations and a terrific way to get the
Masonic message out to the public!