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"Angel Mail" Update - July 5, 2009
Welcome to Our Newest Masonic Angel Funds

We are pleased to welcome the following new Masonic Angel Funds:

133 Excelsior Masonic Angel Fund   Franklin MA 11/03/2008
134 H.L.Palmer Masonic Angel Fund   Wauwatosa WI 03/02/2009
135 Mount Hollis Masonic Angel Fund   Holliston MA 03/15/2009
136 John T Heard Masonic Angel Fund Ipswich/Rowley   MA 04/01/2009


Since the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund carries the designation of MAF #0, this places us at 137 Masonic Angel Funds in twelve states.

Benevolence Stories
The spring months are always a busy time for our Masonic Angel Funds.  Camperships, after school program fees and summer program tuition generate most of the benevolences at this time of year.  With the "Great Recession" upon us, we are pleased to see that our volunteers continue to find creative ways to raise money in order to help the ever-increasing number of children in need.
Below is a sampling of benevolence stories from recent Benevolence Builder Grant communications received by the Foundation:
Winslow Lewis-Adams Lodge MAF (Wellfleet, MA) - After school program fees for two children whose mother and father have lost their jobs. The after school care program was on the verge of taking the parents to court.
Artisan Lodge MAF (Winchendon, MA) - Provided camperships to permit twenty children to attend YMCA summer camp.
Azure Masonic Angel Fund (Walpole, MA) - Eyeglasses for two children, summer camperships and after school program tuition.
Boston First Fund (Boston, MA) - Summer program tuition, multiple camperships, bedding, clothing,
Cochichewick MAF (North Andover, MA) - Clothing and personal items for multiple children, contributed partial funding towards the purchase of a prosthesis for a young girl and provided clothing for an eleven-year-old girl who was recently orphaned.
James H. Campbell MAF (Natick, MA) - Camperships for twenty special needs students.
John Cutler MAF (Abington, MA) - Multiple benevolences that included musical instrument repair, field trip fees, summer program tuition and clothing.
John T Heard MAF (Ipswich, MA) - Multiple benevolences for summer program tuition, mainly with YMCA programs.
Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge MAF (Lincoln, MA) - Multiple checks written for after school tuition, program fees, food and clothing.
Marine Lodge MAF (Falmouth, MA) - Clothing for multiple children, backpacks, and camperships for six children.
Mariners MAF (Cotuit, MA) - Camperships for eight different children.
Mount Carmel (Lynn, MA) - Eyeglasses for a sixteen-year-old girl.
Mount Hollis (Holliston, MA) - Bikes/helmets for two children.
Mount Horeb (Dennis, MA) - Campership for one child.
Mount Zion (Barre, MA) - Purchased a leg brace for one child and summer clothing for a different child.
Mystic Valley MAF (Arlington, MA) - Camperships for four children.
North Quabbin MAF (Athol, MA) - Camperships for multiple children at a YMCA camp.
Philanthropic MAF (Marblehead, MA) - Partial tuition to Clara Barton Camp for children with Diabetes, eyeglasses, summer campership.
Phoenix Lodge MAF (Hanover, MA) - Camperships
St. Alban's MAF (Foxboro, MA) - Camperships for multiple children.
Tahattawan MAF (Littleton, MA) - Multiple camperships.
Universal MAF (Orleans, MA) - Camperships for several children, summer school for one child and course fees for another.
Wellesley MAF (Wellesley, MA) - Eyeglasses for two children.
We appreciate the efforts of our local MAF trustees.  These are challenging financial times, but the army of MAF volunteers is working hard to make sure no child in need is turned away.
Many volunteers have asked why we have seen such an increase in summer program assistance this year.  As you probably know, many of these summer programs (i.e. the day camps and school recreation programs) run through the entire summer.  In the current economy, few can afford to take the summer off to stay home with the offspring.  Placing these children in a summer program provides a safe, structured place for them to stay while the parents are off earning money to put food on the table. 
The Foundation volunteer staff members believe we will see a big increase in after school tuition requests this year, again because the parents do not have the work flexibility that they once enjoyed.
Semi-Annual Reports for the Fall Semester Due July 31st
Semi-annual report packets were mailed out in early June.  The reports are exactly the same as they were last semester.  Please remember that the reports for January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009 are due at the Foundation's office by July 31, 2008.  In addition to the mailed packet, the forms will be posted on our web site for download as soon as they are published. 
For those in the group exemption, please remember that we cannot file our tax returns without your data.  All group exemption members must file their reports on time or be placed in default.
Military Benevolence Program

A reminder, if you have any children of military personnel who are deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan a generous private foundation patron has made a fund available to help local Masonic Angel Funds who are providing assistance to children of these brave men and women.  Contact the Foundation if you have a benevolence request that might qualify for 100% reimbursement under this program.

Share Your News!
Do you have benevolence stories you would like to share with the rest of the MAF on-line community?  If so, please email them to and we will pass them along to your colleagues.
Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Co-Founder/Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.