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Special Broadcast of February 8, 2001

"The Angels Got Them for Me"

Last night Foundation Executive Director Sue Hockman and Board President John Sherman visited Mount Horeb Lodge in Dennis, MA to speak to the Lodge's ladies about the Masonic Angel Fund.

As they have at every other Lodge, the ladies of Mount Horeb proved most enthusiastic about the MAF program. However, one of them went a little further with the following...

The lady in question is a reading tutor at a certain elementary school. She works frequently with a particular little boy who came to her the other day with a bright new pair of sneakers. When she complimented him about his nice new sneakers, he proudly held out his feet and said "The angels got them for me!"

Upon further inquiry in the school, she learned that the sneakers were provided by the Masonic Angel Fund at her husband's Lodge!

Here is yet another terrific example of how the Masonic Angel Fund touches people in so many different ways.

This story brightened my day immeasurably, as it did for everyone that heard it this morning. We decided it was significant enough to warrant a special broadcast - not about money or an adoption, but about a concrete achievement of a local Masonic Angel Fund.