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January 6, 2006 - Angel Mail Special Broadcast - "Military Grant Series"

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

We are happy to inform you that a very generous private foundation donor has made a special grant to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. to assist the children of New England military personnel deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

This grant permits the Masonic Angel Fund community to provide basic assistance to children in need whose parent is deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. “Basic assistance” means essentials such as clothing, food and holiday gifts. These funds cannot be used for “extras” such as music lessons, camperships or after school tuition.

Please note that one of the child’s parents must be deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Deployments in other areas are not eligible for this special grant program.

Funds in this series may be used for any child who meets the criteria above and who lives in one of the New England states.

While USO/New England will be the primary delivery agency for this program, we also recognize that there are several Masonic Angel Funds that enjoy direct contact with military chaplains, family service staff or schools with large military populations. Please let your school professionals and partners in the military that you have the ability to provide necessary assistance should they need it.

If your Masonic Angel Fund provides assistance to a child who meets all of the criteria set forth by the donor, please notify the Foundation ( and we will arrange reimbursement to your MAF. If the benevolence is an unusually large one, please check with the Foundation before you make the grant to make sure that we still have funds available.

This is an ongoing program that will continue until the funds are expended.

Please feel free to email with your questions.


Robert W. Fellows, Co-Founder/Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
Phone 508-255-8812