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New Series of Royal Arch Matching Grants
September 12, 2005
Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Last week the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. was notified by the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts, that the Grand Chapter has provided twenty (20) "Royal Arch Matching Grants" of $100 each to Massachusetts Masonic Angel Funds.

This is the fourth year in a row that the Grand Royal Arch Chapter has offered matching grants to the MAF community.

Many of our newer "Masonic Angels" may not yet be aware of the strong support the Masonic Angel Fund has received from the York Rite over the past nearly seven years. The very first fund-raiser for the very first Masonic Angel Fund was held in Orleans, MA in December 1998. The event was hosted by the Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter and was held in conjunction with the annual Christmas observance of Cape Cod Commandery #54. Dinner was provided by the DDGM and Lodges of the old Provincetown 32nd Masonic District. A charity auction was held, donations were received and we locked the door that night with $3,700 in our coffers. York Rite remains one of the most generous and consistent supporters of the Masonic Angel Fund program.

Below is a list of Masonic Angel Funds that are eligible* to apply for this year's Royal Arch Matching Grants. The first twenty of this group to qualify will receive the grants. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2005.
Olive Branch Lodge Millbury MA
Elm-Belcher Lodge Agawam MA
Oxford Lodge Oxford MA
Simon W. Robinson Lodge Lexington MA
Mount Tabor Lodge Saugus/Revere MA
Eddie Shore Memorial MAF Springfield MA
Moses Michael Hayes Lodge Needham MA
Pacific Lodge Amherst MA
Somerville Lodge Somerville MA
Universal Lodge Orleans MA
Mount Horeb Lodge Dennis MA
Pilgrim Lodge Harwich MA
King Hiram's Lodge Provincetown MA
Siloam Lodge Westborough MA
Winslow Lewis-Adams Lodge MAF Wellfleet MA
St. Martins Lodge Chatham MA
Nauset Light Lodge Orleans/Chatham MA
Howard Lodge Yarmouth MA
Marine Lodge Falmouth MA
DeWitt Clinton Lodge Sandwich MA
William Parkman Lodge Winchester MA

How to Apply
If your Masonic Angel Fund is on the list above* and you have received at least $100 in donations since July 1, 2005, please send an email to - we will pass this information along to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter and your area's District Deputy Grand High Priest will arrange to visit your Lodge in the fall to make a formal presentation. Applications are accepted via email only.

The deadline to apply for this series of grants is October 15, 2005. After that date we will cycle the remaining funds to the next block of eligible* and qualified Masonic Angel Funds.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Foundation's volunteer staff.

Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

*Affiliate Masonic Angel Funds must be in good standing with the Foundation and have received at least $100 in donations since July 1, 2005.  Those not in good standing will be given ten days to file necessary reports before funds will be cycled for the next block of eligible and qualified Masonic Angel Funds.