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Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - September 2, 2005 
Freemasonry at its Best!

Welcome to Our Newest Masonic Angel Funds
We are pleased to report the following new Masonic Angel Funds:
#100 Somerville Lodge, Somerville, MA 05/25/2005
Since the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund carries the designation of MAF #0, this places us at 101 Masonic Angel Funds in eleven states.

Back to School Benevolence Builder Grants
We are pleased to announce that a new series of Benevolence Builder Grants has been funded by The Lodge of St. Andrew.
This grant series will run from September 6, 2005 through September 30, 2005 and will conclude early if the funds are exhausted.
Any Massachusetts Masonic Angel Fund in good standing may apply for a 50% replenishment of benevolences conferred during the grant period. Please note that each qualified Masonic Angel Fund may receive up to a cap of $250 for this series. This means that we can replenish 50% of your benevolences up to $500 during the life of this grant series.
To apply for a Benevolence Builder Grant simply email the particulars of each benevolence to - DO NOT save up your benevolences to be submitted at one time - the money might very well be depleted before you submit your request. Please send your requests as you confer the benevolences.
As always, we express our sincerest thanks to our Brethren in The Lodge of St. Andrew for their continued generosity to Massachusetts' Masonic Angel Funds.

A Word About Hurricane Relief
We're sure you are as deeply distressed as we are by the destruction on the Gulf coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. As with the tragedy on 9/11, many of our Lodges will want to contribute financially to the relief effort.
Please note that Standard #3 and Standard #4 require that 100% of the funds a local Masonic Angel Fund raises must be used for the benefit of children in the communities it designated when it adopted the program. Some affiliated MAF's have added communities to that list as they have grown. Therefore, monies from local Masonic Angel Funds should not be used to provide donations to Hurricane Katrina victims in the Gulf area.

We read in today's newspapers that many states - including Massachusetts - are accepting refugees from the affected areas. Massachusetts will be housing some 2,500 refugees on the Massachusetts Military Reservation. If Katrina refugees are housed in the communities served by your Masonic Angel Funds it is the option of your local MAF trustees whether or not to provide assistance if requested by your local school. Many of these children will be enrolled in local schools, so at that point we feel they do become eligible for such assistance as the trustees deem appropriate.

Needham Masonic Angel Fund Recognized
Bro. "Deke" Eaton of the Needham Masonic Angel Fund reports that their local MAF received a special award at the Opening of School Ceremonies on Monday, August 29, 2005. The "Superintendent's Service Award" is presented to a group that has provided outstanding service to the children of the Needham Public Schools. The three trustees of the NMAF were present - Lawrence Trecartin, Leonard McIntosh, Derek Eaton. In Bro. Eaton's words "A fine description was read concerning the who's, what's and wherefore's on the fund and a fine reception was given the three of us by the large crowd of all the school teachers and administrators as the small plaque was presented."

Sponsored by Nehoiden Lodge A.F. & A.M., the Needham Masonic Angel Fund has served local children since the 2001-2002 school year.

Noblesville Masonic Angel Fund
One of our newest Masonic Angel Funds is in Noblesville, Indiana. MAF #97 was established by Noblesville Lodge #57 on June 7, 2005. Recently, Noblesville Lodge #57's Worshipful Master issued the a letter in which he introduced the program to his Lodge and asked the support of its members. We present it below.


It is not often I bring something to your attention in this manner, but I do find it necessary to raise awareness and shed light upon our important benevolent undertaking.

Recently Noblesville Lodge #57 [voted to sponsor] a branch of the Masonic Angel Fund charity. We are the [sixth] such Indiana Lodge to do so and now are one of 100 across the United States. This charity will operate in our jurisdiction and will serve need children of all elementary schools in the Noblesville and Hamilton Heights school districts.

Many of you joined our Fraternity seeking such charitable work. Our ancient principal rounds have long been Faith, Hope and Charity; noble pursuits to which we are obligated. Join us as we endeavor to help these needy children - our children and our community.

Our Masonic Angel Fund will assist needy children right here, at home. Our eyes and ears will be the teachers, principals, guidance counselors and school nurses. Our intent is to act quickly, within one day, to fill that need when brought to our attention. Many Masonic Angel Funds have shared their experiences - the average assistance is usually much less than $100 to purchase a pair of much needed shoes, glasses, a coat, or to pay for a field trip which the family can't afford and the child would be left alone at school. These are but a few examples of the many types of needed assistance.

Unlike many charities, 100% of all donations to the Masonic Angel Fund are utilized for assistance - right here. Operations for our Fund are handled by volunteers and trustees. The cost of the affiliation was minimal and paid for by your Lodge.

To be direct, we need your contributions and assistance. Our initial seed money is perhaps enough to help about 50 children. Our greatest fear in establishing and operating this charity is, frankly, long-term lack of money.

Who can say how many we will help in the upcoming year? I imagine that you yourself can think of one or two children who could use help right now; you've probably seen a needy child during a trip to Wal-Mart or the grocery. Any amount you can give would prove helpful and you can be assured that all of your contribution will be put to worthy use.

If you would also like to volunteer, the Masonic Angel Fund trustees are actively seeking interested persons who can serve on a standing fund raising committee.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and support.

Anthony L. Dixon, Worshipful Master

Quite a number of donations have come in from the members of Noblesville Lodge #57 since the Master issued this eloquent letter of appeal. It is gratifying to we at the Foundation to see a new MAF affiliate whose leadership "gets it" so clearly about the mission and the appeal of the Masonic Angel Fund program.
We look forward to great things from the Noblesville Masonic Angel Fund. We will keep everyone posted on their progress.

Zip Code Directory
Several people in the MAF community have asked for an easier way to find out if a particular community is covered by an extant Masonic Angel Fund. Our current directory of Masonic Angel Funds lists the city where the sponsoring Lodge is located. However, there are many of our constituent MAF's that serve children in several towns.

In order to come up with a "zip code search engine", our webmaster needs a list of all zip codes that are served by each Masonic Angel Fund. Please save us some postage by emailing your MAF name and the zip codes/city names it serves to - information should be submitted as it is in the following example:

Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund
02653, Orleans
02643, East Orleans
02662, South Orleans
02631, Brewster
02642, Eastham
02651, North Eastham

Thank you for providing our webmaster with the information necessary to fuel this new search engine.

Share Your News!

Do you have benevolence stories you would like to share with the rest of the MAF on-line community? If so, please email them to and we will pass them along to your colleagues.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows, Co-Founder/Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.