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Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - June 12, 2005

 Freemasonry at its Best!

Note - The spring Benevolence Builder Grant series concluded on June 10, 2005. We thank The Lodge of St. Andrew for making it possible for us once again to offer this important program. Many of the participating Masonic Angel Fund report that they would not be able to do anywhere nearly as much good work were it not for the continued assistance by the programs of The St. Andrew Fund.

Welcome to Our Newest Masonic Angel Funds
We are pleased to report the following new Masonic Angel Funds:
93 Simon W. Robinson Lodge Lexington MA 05/12/2003
94 Mount Tabor Lodge Saugus/Revere MA 06/08/2004
95 Eddie Shore Memorial Masonic Angel Fund Springfield MA 05/04/2004
96 Moses Michael Hayes Lodge Needham MA 05/10/2005
97 Noblesville Lodge #57 Noblesville IN 06/07/2005

Since the Universal Lodge MAF carries license #0, this places us at 98 Masonic Angel Funds in eleven states.

Semi-Annual Reports Due July 15, 2005
A reminder... semi-annual reports are due on July 15, 2005. The reporting packets were mailed out to each MAF on Tuesday, June 7th. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Zip Code Directory
Several people in the MAF community have asked for an easier way to find out if a particular community is covered by an extant Masonic Angel Fund. Our current directory of Masonic Angel Funds lists the city where the sponsoring Lodge is located. However, there are many of our constituent MAF's that serve children in several towns.

In order to come up with a "zip code search engine", our webmaster needs a list of all zip codes that are served by each Masonic Angel Fund. Please save us some postage by emailing your MAF name and the zip codes/city names it serves to - information should be submitted as it is in the following example:

Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund
02653, Orleans
02643, East Orleans
02662, South Orleans
02631, Brewster
02642, Eastham
02651, North Eastham

Thank you for providing our webmaster with the information necessary to fuel this new search engine.

Benevolence Stories - Lots of Them!
Everyone here loves to read the "field reports" from our constituent Masonic Angel Funds. The recent series of Benevolence Builder grants has yielded some wonderful stories indeed. We attempt to highlight a few of these below.

St. Johnís Lodge (Newburyport, MA)
● Afterschool program tuition for two siblings to attend YMCA programs. MAF paid the portion of tuition not covered by a state subsidy.
● Participated with other local charities in funding transportation for a wheelchair-bound eight-year-old girl
● Provided clothing for a high school student who had outgrown his trousers and belt.
● Campership for a disabled girl to attend Camp Starfish Ė MAF provided a small portion of the tuition in cooperation with other local charities.
● Campership for a six-year-old boy, again in participation with other local charitable groups

Norumbega-Fraternity (Newton, MA)
● Campership for a six-year-old boy to attend Mt. Ida Camp for children with special needs. MAF paid the portion of camp fees not covered by the campís own very substantial scholarship.
● Campership for an eleven-year-old boy with bipolar disorder to attend the Camp Wediko clinical program. The local MAF paid a small portion of tuition not covered by insurance and other charitable sources

Olive Branch Lodge (Millbury, MA)
● Provided a portion of the tuition required for a little girl who is newly diagnosed with diabetes to attend the Barton Diabetic Camp in Oxford
● Partial campership for an elementary school boy to attend the Joslin Diabetes Camp

Needham Masonic Angel Fund (Needham, MA)
● Summer program tuition at Minuteman Tech for a fourth grade boy
● Afterschool program tuition for a second grade boy to attend the Academy of Physical and Social Development program
● Afterschool program tuition for another second grade boy
● Ten weeks of tuition for a nine-year-old boy to attend the Advances School in Newton
● Tuition for an eleven-year-old girl to attend a summer exploration program offered through Needham Community Education
● Summer program tuition to permit a nine-year-old boy to attend a remedial reading tutorial program offered through Needham Community Education
● Summer program tuition for a seven-year-old boy to attend a summer reading and writing program offered through Needham Community Education

Golden Fleece Lodge (Lynn, MA)
 Provided hockey program fees for a sixteen-year-old boy in foster care to participated in a Department of Youth Services hockey program
● Paid for eyeglasses for an eleven-year-old boy

Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA)
● Paid partial tuition for four children to attend the Orleans Elementary School afterschool programs.
● Provided an eye examination for a little girl who failed her school eye test. The doctor said she did not need eyeglasses at this time.
● Partial afterschool program tuition for a nine-year-old boy whose single mother is paying most of the tuition herself.
● Campership for a ten-year-old boy to attend the Joslin camp for diabetic children. Other local charity program participated with ULMAF in this benevolence.
● Helped a ten-year-old boy to attend a summer program at Cape Cod Technical School
● Participated with other local charity groups to purchase a mobility appliance for a multiply handicapped ten-year-old girl.
● Provided an eye exam and eyeglasses for a sixteen-year-old boy who lives with his widowed father.
● Summer program tuition for a nine-year-old girl to attend a skating program at the Charles Moore Arena
● Paid for a prescription needed by a seven-year-old boy whose single momís medical benefits have not yet been approved.

Damascus-Mt. Carmel MAF (Lynn, MA)
● Funded a clothing gift card for an eight-year-old boy and his six-year-old sister whose dad is deployed on active duty. This benevolence was made in conjunction with the USO New England Council.
● Camperships, field trip fees and summer program fees totaling $1,180 were provided for a number of children served by this local MAF.

Marine Lodge (Falmouth, MA)
● Paid fees for eight and nine-year-old siblings to attend summer programs at the North Falmouth Elementary School

Tahattawan Lodge (Littleton, MA)
● Funded special tutoring for a boy at the Groton/Dunstable Middle School
● Campership for a middle school boy to attend a baseball camp.
● Campership for a middle school girl
● Paid lunch fees for two sisters who lost their free lunch eligibility when the criteria changed this year. $30 will provide lunch every for May and June.
● Campership for a seven-year-old girl with multiple handicaps

John Cutler Lodge (Abington, MA)
● Provided eye exam and eyeglasses for a twelve-year-old girl
● Paid for a costly prescription for an eleven-year-old girl whose single motherís medical benefits had not yet commenced.
● Summer program tuition for a four-year-old girl whose father died recently, placing mom and the three girls in dire financial straits

Meridian Lodge (Natick, MA)
● Funded emergency grocery assistance for a Natick military family in conjunction with the USO New England Council

Mount Horeb Lodge (Dennis, MA)
● Funded the purchase of prescription allergy medicine for a six-year-old boy whose mother could not afford the insurance co-payment.

Paul Revere Lodge (Brockton, MA)
● Provided clothing for an eleven-year-old boy
● Helped a family with two children after they lost everything in a fire

St. Albanís Lodge (Foxboro, MA)
● Camperships for five children to attend the local recreation departmentís summer day camp programs
● Helped with partial tuition for six children to attend a summer program at the Southeastern Mass. Arts Collaborative

Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge (Lincoln, MA)
● Assisted with partial summer program tuition for the five-year-old son of a single father. The boyís summer program attendance allows the father to continue working.

Mystic Valley Lodge (Arlington, MA)
● Assisted with tuition for a middle school girl to attend the Explorations School in Wellesley this summer.
● Campership for an eight-year-old boy to attend day camp at the Boys and Girls Club of Arlington.

Boston First Fund
The Boston First Masonic Angel Fund enjoyed a very busy spring. Some of the BFF benevolences include:

● Clothing for fourteen-year-old and sixteen-year-old girls in Department of Youth Services foster care
● Birthday packages for three children in DYS foster care
● Funded clothing purchases for seven children through the USO New England Council
● Tuition to Camp Joy summer day program for multiple youngsters
● Clothing for five children through the Walnut Grove Head Start program
● Clothing for five children through the Claiborne Head Start program
● Campership to Shelburne Community Center for a ten-year-old boy in DYS custody
● Transportation for a five-year-old girl to continue attending her Head Start program
● Campership for a five-year-old girl through Big Sisters of Greater Boston

Share Your News!

Do you have benevolence stories you would like to share with the rest of the MAF on-line community? If so, please email them to and we will pass them along to your colleagues.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows, Co-Founder/Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.