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March 25th, 2005 - Special Broadcast - The "Power" of St. Matthew's MAF

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Following yesterday's regular Angel Mail broadcast we received a very nice benevolence report from Bob Heinlein, a trustee of the St. Matthew's Lodge Masonic Angel Fund. We are passing it along as Bro. Heinlein submitted it to us.

Bob Fellows
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.


St. Matthew’s Masonic Angel Fund of Andover, MA. was recently contacted by a social worker who handles MassHealth patients. Bob Fellows at the MAF headquarters had referred her to us.

While MassHealth is a Commonwealth of Massachusetts agency that helps people with chronic health problems, they had an unusual request. They had a family that was in desperate need of an emergency generator - a need outside the scope of MassHealth funding.

The Andover family that needed the generator has two children who require oxygen 24 hours a day as well as other medical devices to help them survive. During New England winters it is not uncommon to lose power. If a power loss occurs, it becomes a life-threatening event. The local fire department could not guarantee the loan of a generator when needed.

The St. Matthew’s MAF worked with the social workers in getting the information needed to know how much power is required to power the medical equipment. We were able to purchase a portable generator through a local small engine shop. The family, the caseworker and her boss were all grateful. Saint Matthew’s received the following email as well as a card in the mail.

“There are truly no words that can express both our gratitude and the gratitude of the family receiving the generator. I have spoken with both the shop and the family. I will be called when the generator is picked up and will let you know. Working with you directly has been a pleasure. The family, I know is filled with gratitude and relief. Gail”

[Editor's note - there is a second, handwritten note that St. Matthew's received. We were unable to reproduce it legibly so it is quoted below.]

Dear Mr. Heinlein,

My one regret is that you were unable to hear the job and relief in the voices of the parents who picked up the generator on Friday.

All the thank-you's in the world cannot express our gratitude and that of the family as well.

Finally, you were a pleasure to work with!

Gail & Debra

Please share this note with all who participate in the Masonic Angel Fund