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  February 21st - USO New England’s “Operation Little Elf Up-Lift”


21 February 2005

Dear Masonic Angels 

We want to thank you very much for your generosity in support of USO New England’s “Operation Little Elf Up-Lift”, our holiday gift package program for the children of our deployed military personnel.  The Masonic Angel Foundation has been the cornerstone of “Operation Little Elf-Up-Lift” and holds the foundation to our program success each year. This holiday season the Masonic Angel Foundation  [St. Andrew Fund] , along with more than a dozen constituent Masonic Angel Funds provided USO NE with over $6,000.00 in support, to make the day to day lives of these military children more comfortable while their parents are away from home.   

During 2004 we saw a double digit increase in the requests for family assistance, to meet the special needs of those affected by military mobilization.  USO New England has committed to, and delivered these services to those families with the most basic levels of assistance. 

This holiday season the Masonic Angels  provided “Operation Little-Elf Up-Lift” support to 107 children.  Our littlest ones (infant/toddler) received much needed winter clothing, while the elementary grade age group received clothing, and toys from their “wish list”.  As you can imagine, everything from bikes to Barbie was on the list and not just any bike, it had to be blue with wheels that light-up, and of course Barbie had to be the Holiday Barbie in the green gown. There were dreams for Disney toys that do this or that, and wishes for cars and trucks that “really” work.  What an “Up-Lift” it must have been for these children to receive their most wished for toy.   

USO New England also honored a few very special requests that we received.  One family with a terminally ill 6 year old requested in lieu of toys and clothing could we help them with the expense of taking their daughter out to her favorite restaurant. Your benevolence sponsored this child’s wish.   Another wish came from four children (ages 4 to 13) whose Mom is deployed until March.  They wanted to surprise her by redecorating the living room, the neon blue and green colors they selected are very bright, but something tells me that this Mom is going to think this is the nicest room in her house. The MAF support helped these children in a very different way, but this will be a memory of a lifetime for these kids.

The benevolence from the Masons of Massachusetts to the children of our military is unsurpassed.  I cannot thank you enough for everything the Masons have done for us.  I assure you the impact of your kindness will resonate strongly in making a meaningful difference in the lives of many military families. Our focus is on family activities and having fun.  Your support makes this all possible. 

On behalf of those we serve we thank you.


Alice Harkins
Executive Director.