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June 22nd - "Angel Mail" Works!

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Back in 2000, our webmaster (Mario Mere) established a "list server" for the Masonic Angel Foundation. Most of you know this as the "Angel Mail" system. Angel Mail allows one to send a single email to and have it broadcast to the entire subscriber list.

We intended Angel Mail to become a forum where MAF volunteers and patrons could communicate and help each other with benevolences, fund raising and other matters pertinent to the Masonic Angel Fund program. Honestly, not too many folks have used Angel Mail... up until last week.

The past five days have seen two constituent Masonic Angel Funds utilizing Angel Mail to request assistance with financially-challenging benevolences. The first was Matthew Monroe from King Hiram's Lodge, who requested assistance in finding golf clubs for a boy in foster care. The second was Jim Ray from Joseph Warren-Soley Lodge, who requested help in securing a computer for a military family in his community.

We were delighted to see the response delivered by the online community of Masonic Angels and those who support our work.

Matt Monroe reports that a set of Jack Nicklaus Golden Bears clubs with a bag was donated within a few hours of our initial broadcast of his request. The donation was received from Patrick Jones, who lives near Chicago, Illinois. We note that there are no Masonic Angel Funds in Illinois - this man is simply a friend who subscribes to our e-list.

Many other responses were received on the golf club request. Saturday morning I received a call on the Foundation line from a Lodge that was holding a yard sale and happened to have a set of golf clubs!

When Jim Ray requested a used computer for a military family in his community, several readers came forward with offers. Michael Kramer of Falmouth, MA donated a two-year-old Compac Presario notebook computer within a few hours of the broadcast. In addition to offers from many individuals, we also received offers of assistance from Overlook Visiting Nurses Association (offering to repair the old machine or to donated a surplus machine) and a Boston area public relations firm that wanted to secure the donation of a new computer.

Angel Mail Works! Our subscribers are a motivated, compassionate group of people. Many of them are Masons but a lot of them are not - they're just folks who care about kids and who respect MAF's "100% of the money goes to the kids" philosophy.

If your local Masonic Angel Fund has a need with which you could use assistance, please send an email to - we will broadcast it to the entire Angel Mail subscriber list. Perhaps you will see the kind of response Matt Monroe and Jim Ray saw this week!

Regards to all,
Robert W. Fellows, Co-Founder/Managing Director
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.