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Recently, we communicated with our friends and members about the abundance of benevolences given out over the days leading up to Christmas. The busiest of our Masonic Angel Funds during that time was Pilgrim Lodge AF & AM in Harwich, MA. Pilgrim awarded ten grants which totaled over $900 in just a very few days. Most of these funds were to assist with the purchase of winter clothing, eye exams/glasses or Christmas gifts.

This created a challenging situation for Pilgrim Lodge. The schools in Harwich appear not to have the wide number of community resources to draw upon that other towns enjoy. Consequently, more of the burden of helping children in need is likely to fall upon the Pilgrim Lodge Masonic Angel Fund.

After considering his options carefully, Bro. Duncan Berry (Lodge secretary and one of the MAF trustees for Pilgrim) worked up an appeal letter in concern with Worshipful Master Paul Lavoie. This letter was mailed to approximately 200 individuals that included Pilgrim's members, Bro. Berry's personal friends and about thirdy local businesses. This letter went out the last week of December. As of Friday January 19th, Bro. Berry reports that over $1,500 in donations were received from that appeal.

Needless to say, Pilgrim Lodge is planning another appeal campaign very soon!

This is an example of Masons at their best. They perceived a need, expended their funds to fulfill that need and then went out and got more money! This attitude is a cornerstone of any successful Masonic Angel Fund. We raise money to help the children in our communities. We expend our funds to fulfill the needs brought to us by the schools. Then we go get more money so we can keep helping children in our community. A very simple concept but still a quantum leap for so many in our too-often introverted Fraternity.

We tip our hats to the Masonic Angels at Pilgrim Lodge! Well done, Brethren!

Wor. Jim St. Pierre of Mount Horeb Lodge in Dennis informed us two weeks ago about some fine work in assisting a diabetic child. A school nurse contact Bro. Jim about obtaining a blood glucose monitoring kit for a child who was having difficulty managing her diabetes. The Mount Horeb Lodge Masonic Angel Fund provided a grant of about $80 to purchase a blood glucose testing device for the child. 

We suggest that you share this type of experience with your school nurses the next time you make an outreach visit to the schools you serve.

Every Masonic Angel Fund on Cape Cod should now have received a mailing on the Lucille Hawley Music Fund. The packets were mailed out on January 16th.

The Hawley Fund was established by Bro. Hughson F.C. Hawley, III in memory of his late wife Lucille. The purpose of the Hawley Fund is to provide assistance in the study of music for students in financial needs. Further information is available in the packet or via email. This grant is available only for Lodges on Cape Cod, per terms of the donation.

The following matching grants were presented during the month of January:

Marine Lodge (Falmouth, MA) - $500 (Citizens Bank and York Rite grants)
Howard Lodge (Yarmouth, MA) - $500 (Citizens Bank and York Rite grants)
Universal Lodge (Orleans, MA) - $250 (York Rite grant)
Nauset Light Lodge (Orleans, MA) - $250 (York Rite grant)

Other grants will be presented in the near future to: DeWitt Clinton Lodge, King Hiram's Lodge, Adams Lodge and Pilgrim Lodge.
This series of grants is being presented to the Blue Lodges by representatives of the York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod on behalf of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
In a recent letter to Royal Arch officers, it was announced that part of the proceeds from this year's Massachusetts Grand Royal Arch charity event will be set aside for "Royal Arch Matching Grants" to Blue Lodges across Massachusetts that sponsor Masonic Angel Funds. Further details will be made available as they come to us.

We recognize the outstanding support the York Rite has shown to the Masonic Angel Fund and to the Foundation. The Grand Royal Arch Chapter's support is a prime example of the visionary leadership that has turned the Massachusetts York Rite into one of the best Masonic success stories over the past three years.