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Masonic Angel Foundation Special Broadcast
January 22nd - Lexington's Gift of Sight

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

Today we received the communiqué below from the Washington Lodge Masonic Angel Fund in Lexington, MA. They have edited it for content.

Congratulations to the Washington Lodge MAF for a job well done!

Bob Fellows, Co-Founder/Managing Director
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

----Original Message-----
From: Bert Gassmann
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2004 10:37 AM
Subject: Like to include thank you...

Dear Masonic Angel Foundation,

I'd like to include the following thank you letter from the Bowman School in Lexington on the web page and/or the email notifications. I thought the letter was telling about the appreciation for our work:

Dear [Angel Fund trustee] and Fellow Masons,

Thank you for the donation from your Masonic Angel Fund to a student from the Bowman [Elementary] School [in Lexington]. The Masonic Angel Fund paid for a pair of glasses that the family could not afford. This second grader will now succeed in school because she has the glasses she needs.

I appreciate [the trustee's] willingness to meet on the coldest morning in the region for many years. The family asked me to extend their thanks for your help. The mother had tears of gratitude in her eyes when I gave her your check.

Today the second grader came to school beaming with her new glasses.

I appreciate the ease of accessing the Masonic Angel Fund for this family. Thank your for your generosity. The Angel Fund has made a big difference for this student and her ability to see in class and working to her full potential.

With sincere appreciation,
Lynn Tabor, RN
School Nurse
Bowman School

On behalf of the Trustees of the Fund, Don Cobb, Bill Fyfe, Bert Gassmann,
Bert Gassmann
Treas., Washington Lodge, Lexington MA