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Masonic Angel Foundation Special Broadcast
January 19, 2003 - Message from Falmouth, MA Head Start Program

Below is a message sent on Friday from Ms. Lianne Carbone, Family Worker
with the Falmouth Head Start program. We re-transmit her message with only
minimal content editing to preserve confidentiality.

The benevolences described below reflect the hard work of the Marine Lodge
Masonic Angel Fund
, the personal generosity of individual members of Marine
Lodge and the support of The Lodge of St. Andrew's "Benevolence Builder"
grant program. This was a very ambitious series of benevolences and
required participation from many different sources to make it work.

Bob Fellows, Co-Founder/Managing Director
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.


-----Original Message-----
From: Head Start Falmouth 1 and 2
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 4:13 PM
Subject: Head Start/Angel Fund extra curricular activities

I'm writing to give you some more information about the our recent project.

Since early in the school year, the people at our Head Start main office who
are involved in Community Services have told us that the Masons are
interested in helping Head Start children get involved in activities
(sports, music lessons, etc) that will promote their self esteem,
developmental growth, social emotional well-being, and cultural awareness.
There have been many discussions about this since then....that participation
in extra curricular activities is one of the
big differences between families with money and families that are low
income. It is the norm for many kids to be carted from one activity to the
next, which builds their self-esteem, their opportunity for friendships, and
ultimately gives them an interest that can "keep them out of trouble" and
motivated during their teen years. Low income family's children are
often left out of these life long enriching experiences.

Mr. Michael Kramer, a Falmouth Mason, has been a generous and strong
supporter to get these extra curricular activities going for our Woods Hole

As mentioned during the meeting we had (Mr. and Mrs. Kramer, myself, Mr. Ted
Thies and our Community Involvement Coordinator were in attendance), the
parents have become very interested and it has grown to be BIG.
Since the parents will be responsible to get the children to the activities,
I have been very firm that they should NOT seek these classes if they cannot
commit to getting their children there. A few have realized they cannot do
and are not participating. Many are though, and are very excited. I see the
parental involvement piece of this opportunity as another huge benefit,
showing the parents how rewarding these activities are for their children.
It also makes the parents more responsible in developing the potential of
their child. The parents will be subjected to new and
different experiences too and they will make a lot of new and diverse
friends themselves. I will be talking to the parents about attendance during
these coming weeks, as a class missed is not only money wasted but a waste
of their child's potential.

At our meeting, we also discussed "what if a child finds that they really
love an activity and want to progress after Head Start? Isn't this hurting
more than helping if the parents can't afford it?". Mr. Thies has said that
there is a program within the Masonic Angel fund which could keep things
going forward for these interested and developing children. We have signed
the children up for the minimum number of classes required by the providers.
We have said that this is just a taste of the classes for the children, what
will happen after will be determined by current participation and future

The three places the children will be going at this point are:

The Cape Cod Conservatory

a.. $720.00 for 5 students (the registration fee has been waived)
b.. 4 Creative Dance students at $8.75 per class (16 weeks)
c.. 1 older sibling in a teen/adult Art class at $20.00 per class (8
d.. $600.00 has already been paid to the Conservatory to do 10 in-school
Art Enrichment sessions for 5 very artistic students AND a 10 minute
story/enrichment about artists for the whole center. The conservatory has
offered to add more to this, such as some music enrichment as well. This is
$12.00 per art class per student, but includes so much more for the whole

Tumble Time Gymnastics
a.. $1165.98 for 15 total students
b.. Ballet for 4 students at $13.25 per class. 4 or 5 classes each,
depending on the day of the week that they go.
c.. Martial Arts for 3 students at $15.91 per class. 4 classes each - no
outfit required unless the child continues on.
d.. Gymnastics for 8 students at 18.84 each or 15.91 each, depending on
the age and class. They'll attend 6 classes each. These numbers include the
registration fee which was reduced by 50%.
Falmouth Self Defense
a.. $464.00 for 4 children - Martial Arts training for 4 children for
$29.99 per session, but the first session of 4 weeks INCLUDES THE OUTFIT.
This happens to be a group of children that will really profit from the
discipline that the Martial Arts teach.
b.. For the remaining outfits (ballet and gymnastics) the cost should be
around $211.00 total.
I have to tell you that this Wednesday, when one of the boys was in his Art
class, he said so eloquently "This makes me feel so good about myself!!".
These are words we all cherish.

Lianne Carbone
Falmouth Head Start Family Worker