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Masonic Angel Foundation Special Broadcast
December 15, 2003
"Holiday Outreach"

This morning we were pleased to chat with Matthew Monroe of the King Hiram's Lodge Masonic Angel Fund (Provincetown, MA) about Christmas benevolences.

Matthew has a very simple, common-sense outreach that he does each Christmas. He goes through the records of the year's benevolences and contacts the nurse (or other referring school professional) to see how each of these children stand in terms of Christmas needs.

Apparently this particular form of outreach has sparked quite a lot of activity in the schools served by the KHLMAF. Not only does it cause the professionals to revisit the cases of individual children but it gets everyone in the mood of looking for the "cracks" that will deprive children of a decent Christmas.

As with most other MAF holiday benevolences, Matthew is not providing a trip through Santa's Toyland. He and his school contacts evaluate the situations carefully and make certain that each child has necessary clothing and outerwear - along with a couple of toys thrown in to make the season festive.

Cape Cod Masons are known for their common sense. We thank Matthew Monroe for sharing some of his with us - and, through us, with all of our readers.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.