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Masonic Angel Foundation Update - December 17th, 2000
We are delighted to announce another new license for the Masonic Angel Fund and the results on several holiday fund-raisers.


DeWitt Clinton AF & AM - Yarmouth, MA 12/5/2000

Wor. David Catten, Secretary of DeWitt Clinton, reports that his Lodge has adopted a Masonic Angel Fund to serve the schools in Sandwich, Massachusetts. With this adoption, we now have every community on Cape Cod covered with the exception of Barnstable. We understand that R.W. Sid Bearon (DDGM, Hyannis 32nd.) is working on the launch of an MAF to serve Barnstable.


On Friday, December 15th, Cape Cod Commandery #54 held its annual Christmas observance in Orleans. This was an historic night, with all of Cape Cod's York Rite Bodies holding their meetings jointly for the first time in recent memory. Orient RAC, Cape Cod Council R&SMM and Cape Cod Commandery were all hosted by Sylvester Baxter RAC in the Universal Lodge Masonic Building.

The evening began with a dinner provided by Bro. Steven M. Golden of the Hearth 'n Kettle Restaurants. This was followed by a charity auction.

The climax of the night was Cape Cod Commandery #54's Christmas Observance ceremony. 
over $2,000 was raised at this event. These funds were presented by the allied York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. The proceeds will be divided into ten matching grants of $200 for each of the ten Masonic Angel Funds serving Cape Cod. These matching grants will be presented in the local Blue Lodges by representatives of the York Rite Bodies of Cape Cod and the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

This is yet another example of our York Rite Bodies supporting actively the work of local Blue Lodges.

 On Friday, December 15th Mrs. Diana Tubman reported that she had polled four of her twelve regional branches and learn that over $675 in "Angels" were sold by those branches alone.

"Angels" are deployed in all Citizens Banks in Southeastern Massachusetts. If you live in that area, please be sure to stop into your local Citizens Bank branch and thank the staff for helping to support the Masonic Angel Foundation in this creative way.

If you are in Massachusetts but outside the Southeastern Massachusetts region, you might still benefit from the Angels for Christmas Program. Speak with your local Citizens Bank branch manager. If he/she is willing to participate in the Angels for Christmas program, simply contact Ms. Diana Tubman of Citizens Bank in Orleans, MA (508-255-5020) and she will arrange for "Angels" to be deployed to that branch via inter-bank courier.

Cribbage Tournament - Excellent High Priest Don Haden of Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter reports that he is planning a winter cribbage tournament to fund more matching grants for Lodges in the Provincetown 32nd Masonic District.

Thanks to the efforts of Foundation Board member Truman Henson, Jr., the video studio facilities at Nauset Regional High School have been made available to the Foundation. We will work with students at the school to prepare one or more training videos for new Masonic Angel Funds as well as to develop shorter promotional tapes for use at Masonic Awareness events.

If everything goes according to plan, we will also produce a thirty or sixty minute video suitable for submission to your local Cable Access station.

All of this is provided at no cost to the Foundation other than our purchase of the necessary consumable materials. Not only is this a terrific opportunity to put forth our message in video format, it is a wonderful chance for we Masons to share some positive interaction with local high school students. This is a "real" project for the kids to complete, rather than some classroom exercise. The students know that their final product will be viewed across the nation. They also know that they will be working closely with us in the scripting and editing process.

Imagine the positive influence Masons could have on young people if we could do a project like this in every community!

Stay tuned to these email broadcasts for a major announcement from our "development" staff in early January! Managing Director Bob Fellows and Board member Truman Henson, Jr. are in the final stages of receiving a donation that will change the face of MAF and provide us with a continuing source of revenue.
Please keep checking the site for periodic updates. We thank Mario Mere our "webmaster extraordinaire" for his work in putting up the charity auction items and for adding a little "holiday flavor" to the site.


Bulletin: December 17th, 2000
We received an email from Wor. Hank Burke, Treasurer of Nauset Light Lodge and a trustee of their MAF notifying us that at yesterday's Nauset Light MAF Fund Raiser (a "ladies day" holiday party) Nauset Light Lodge received a donation of $1,000 from Cape Cod Bank and Trust for its Masonic Angel Fund.  Nauset's MAF serves pre-schools and private schools in Orleans, Brewster and Eastham.  (Universal Lodge's MAF serves the upper schools)
The funds that have been raised in the name of MAF between Universal, York Rite, the Foundation and the constituent MAF's are well in excess of $40,000 and quickly approaching $50,000.  Moreover, all but $15,000 of that has been raised since late August of this year!
A really good way to celebrate the holidays, isn't it?