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Masonic Angel Foundation Update - December 5, 2000
We are delighted to announce two new licenses for the Masonic Angel Fund.

Howard Lodge AF & AM - Yarmouth, MA 11/9/2000
Wor. David Blake of Howard Lodge informs us that his Lodge adopted an MAF resolution on November 9, 2000. Howard's MAF will cover the Yarmouth portion of the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional Schools - Cape Cod's second-largest school district.

Marine Lodge AF & AM - December 4, 2000
After its very successful charity auction last month, Marine Lodge took its formal vote to adopt a Masonic Angel Fund. They are starting their MAF with the $1,400 in proceeds from the auction. Marine Lodge will cover the Falmouth and Mashpee school systems.




The Masonic Angel Fund at Universal Lodge has again funded eyeglasses and an eye exam for a youngster. A request came to Universal from a principal in the Barnstable, MA school system asking for assistance with this child's urgent need. Barnstable is not part of Universal's service area. However, there is no MAF in the Barnstable Public Schools at this time. Since some of Universal's initial MAF funding came through Cape Cod Commandery #54, the Trustees felt it appropriate to provide assistance in this particular case.
As a prominent local Mason said last year "There are no boundaries when it comes to helping a child in need."


...a request comes in that would wipe out your Masonic Angel Fund bank account?

Well, the obvious answer is that you cannot fund the request.
However, there are still ways that you can help.

Last week the Foundation received a request from a nearby school district that is in the service area of a licensed Masonic Angel Fund. We made the appropriate referral to the MAF in that school's community. However, we also learned that the school was asking for a <>$2,000 wheelchair for a handicapped child - far beyond the resources of most Masonic Angel Funds.

How does one handle such a request? We usually suggest that you speak with the requesting staff person (i.e. the school nurse) and ask if other organizations have been contacted. Our experience in operating our local MAF here in Orleans taught us that the school nurses and counselors often have a long menu of churches and community organizations that might contribute to a "big ticket" item such as equipment for the handicapped.

Just yesterday our own local MAF received a request for some $3,500 in equipment for serving disabled students in local elementary schools. Our response to this was to offer modest "participation" in a wider fund-raising program amongst local churches and fraternal groups. With each group contributing a small amount, the needs of the children can be addressed without any one benevolent group's resources being overwhelmed.

If anyone in a local MAF has had experiences similar to this, we encourage you to share them with the Foundation so we can pass them on to the entire broadcast list.


The "Angels" are now deployed in all Citizens Banks in Southeastern Massachusetts. We are told they are selling quite well thus far. Please be sure to stop into your local Citizens Bank branch and thank the staff for helping to support the Masonic Angel Foundation in this creative way. (Photos of Orleans branch)
If you are in Massachusetts but outside the Southeastern Massachusetts region, you might still benefit from the Angels for Christmas Program.
Speak with your local Citizens Bank branch manager. If he/she is willing to participate in the Angels for Christmas program, simply contact Ms. Diana Tubman of Citizens Bank in Orleans, MA (508-255-5020) and she will arrange for "Angels" to be deployed to that branch via inter-bank courier.



Pilgrim will hold its annual member appreciation dinner on December 7th.
This year's event will feature a Seafood Buffet with a free dinner for Pilgrim Lodge members and $8 for non-members - every penny of which will benefit the Pilgrim Lodge Masonic Angel Fund. Reservations are recommended - please call 508-432-0017.

December 15, 2000 - Cape Cod Commandery #54 annual Christmas Observance in Orleans, MA. This annual event has become the premiere Masonic fund raiser on Cape Cod over the past four years. This year's event will feature a CHARITY AUCTION prior to the Commandery Christmas program. All are welcome. Email for more information.

Cribbage Tournament - Excellent High Priest Don Haden of Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter reports that he is planning a winter cribbage tournament to fund more matching grants for Lodges in the Provincetown 32nd Masonic District.


The web site ( will shortly feature a "testimonials" section where licensed MAF's may post testimonial letters received from schools served by their local Masonic Angel Fund.

Keep checking the site for further details. We thank one and all for your outstanding support of the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows
Managing Director/Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. or