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June 20th, 2003 - Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - Special Broadcast
Universal Lodge MAF Makes a Difference

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,
You may recall the broadcast we sent out a couple of days ago that listed a large number of summer benevolences by the Needham Masonic Angel Fund. We really thought that would be the last "extraordinary benevolence broadcast" for this school year. Boy, were we wrong!

This morning, the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund (Orleans, MA) received calls from the Eddy School in Brewster and the Orleans Elementary School. Things had been a little quiet with the ULMAF in recent weeks, but no more!

At the Eddy School, the ULMAF provided another $200 to assist with transportation expenses for a sixth grade boy with Ewing's Sarcoma, a form of pediatric bone cancer. Universal recently contributed $200 to help the family during April, May and June. The treatments continue, so Universal contributed another $200 towards July, August and September travel expenses.

The Orleans Elementary School had several requests. They are detailed below:

#1 - 2nd grade boy needs assistance with afterschool/summer program tuition. This student is special needs with neurological issues - $468

#2 - 4th grade girl - following a domestic violence situation, this girl and her mom are now on their own. They need help with summer program tuition so that mom can continue working - $240

#3 - 2nd grade boy with autism - Partial assistance with tuition for Camp Starfish (camp for autistic children) - $500. The total tuition for Camp Starfish is $2,300. The nurse is asking other community groups to "join the Masons" in helping this child.

#4 - 4th grade girl - Assistance with tuition for Cape Cod Conservatory summer music camp - $350

#5 - 4th grade boy - Single mother was ill and is just now getting back on her feet. Assistance needed with summer program tuition - $400.

Today the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund provided total benevolences of $2,158!

Regards to all,
Lorrimer Armstrong, Jr., CFO, Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
Robert W Fellows, Board Secretary, Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
John A. Sherman, Board President, Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.
and very proud trustees of the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund