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June 18th, 2003 - Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. - Special Broadcast
Masons Make a Difference in Needham

Dear friend of the Masonic Angel Fund,

There's been a lot of MAF "action" at the Needham Masonic Angel Fund in the recent days.

Outstanding Volunteerism

First of all, Bro. Lawrence Trecartin and Bro. Derek Eaton received certificates from the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts on Tuesday, June 17th in recognition of their outstanding and innovative work with the Needham Masonic Angel Fund. The awards were presented by Past Grand Secretary and MAF volunteer, R.W. Paul Rolston in the East of Nehoiden Lodge.

Brother Rolston cited the achievements of these two very dedicated volunteers:

"Derek "Deke" Eaton and Lawrence "Lawrie" Trecartin are among the hardest-working MAF trustees anywhere. They have built very effective partnerships with the schools in Needham. When a child's need is extraordinary, Deke and Lawrie are extremely resourceful in forming relationships with other community groups to help fulfill that need. Most recently, the Needham MAF allied with the local Knights of Columbus to fund a chair lift for a handicapped child.
Deke and Lawrie were involved in creating the MAF coin canister program. This program is now deployed system-wide and has given Lodges a tool with which to raise literally thousands of dollars. This kind of packaged fund raising program works in virtually any community and is a terrific tool for our constituent Masonic Angel Funds. The Foundation appreciates the creativity and dedication of these two remarkable MAF volunteers. We hope they will keep up this good work for many years to come.

The Needham Masonic Angel Fund is one of the most outstanding MAF's in the system. In many ways Needham has set the standard for school outreach, for creativity in fundraising and for developing community partnerships that help serve children in need. We are proud of this Masonic Angel Fund and commend Nehoiden Lodge for the visionary manner in which the program is administered here."

Brother Rolston also presented the Needham MAF with matching grants from The Lodge of St. Andrew ($500) and the coin canister program ($200).

Pictured below are Paul Rolston (representing the Masonic Angel Foundation), Derek Eaton, Lawrence Trecartin and Nehoiden Lodge Master Bruce S. Kremer.

A good example of the fine work done in Needham was the barrage of emails we received today from Lawrie Trecartin. He sent us the particulars on six more benevolences the NMAF has completed in recent days. These include:

Campership for a 10 year old girl who lives with her single mother and brother. Through some creative work with a YMCA camp, the mother was able to contribute all but $185 of the cost for three weeks of camp. The NMAF took care of this right away.

Campership for a 7 year old boy who is a twin and lives with his family at grandma's house. The boy is a special needs student and will benefit from attending the "Cricketeer" special ed day camp. All but $280 of his tuition can be covered through other sources, so the NMAF stepped up to the plate and took care of the balance.

Campership for a 9 year old boy who lives in his grandparents' house with his mother. The school nurse and principal feel he will benefit from a few weeks at a "family camp" for troubled families. All but $200 of the cost has been covered from other sources. Again, NMAF took care of this need without delay.

Campership for a 7 year old boy whose single mother must place him in the Needham summer recreation program so she can continue working. NMAF provided $100 to complete his summer program tuition.

Summer academic program for a 6 year old boy whose father is out of work. The guidance counselor states that the boy needs academic assistance in a summer program that runs from June 30th to September 12th. The Masonic Angels covered $300 of his tuition for this necessary program.

Multiple Cases - Two 6 year old girls for summer school, an 8 year old girl for computer camp and a 9 year old girl for computer camp - total support by Needham Masonic Angel Fund is $650 to cover these four needs.

Wow! - One can see why Brothers Trecartin and Eaton are receiving recognition from Grand Lodge. This is one of the most impressive track records we have seen. They were all processed between mid-May and mid-June. We see NINE benevolences totaling $1,715 - an average of $190.55 per benevolence.

And A Thank-You Note!
The NMAF also shared the following thank-you note.

I think I mentioned that last night when I arrived at lodge, there was a thank you card from a mother of one of our completed requests. I read the card to the lodge (no names). It was a very emotional moment! This is what it's all about.
"Words cannot express my gratitude and thanks. But because of you my little ones will be able to attend Summer School. With four children and one income, at times it becomes over whelming. God Bless." The card was signed by the entire family. (Req. 21)

This excellent work speaks for itself!

Regards to all,
Bob Fellows, Board Secretary
Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.